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  • Why are YouTubers unsatisfied with their earnings? A general query.
    Simply put, there is no equality between the effort you put and the amount of revenue YouTube gives. When you put years of hard work into something, you would have a benchmark as to what will you expect to earn from it. You don’t get to expect that on YouTube…
  • What Causes Relationship Problems? 3 Simple Reasons To Know About.
    Welcome to another blog that might give you food for thought! Today, we will understand what causes relationship problems with an example so let’s start with: A Practical Example To Think About Tell me if you have ever experienced this: You were living your life perfectly with your old phone…
  • Why Do Celebrities Look Attractive? Understanding The Role Of Marketing For Celebs.
    Introduction Hey ladies and germs! Have you ever seen your favorite Actor/Actress come on your favorite TV show or movie and look attention-grabbing? Have you ever wondered why do celebrities look attractive all the time? You might have because I have observed that a lot of the time. Although I…

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