Hey guys!!! The way you communicate with others determine their communication with you. Improving your communication skills can take months of continuous practice but there are some little things you can fix right now to improve your communication skills so that you can communicate with each type of person. So today, let’s learn some things you can fix right now to improve your communication skills in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Here are some of the little things you can fix right now to improve your communication skills:

1. Rich Words: Rich Words are not expensive words which you have to buy from Amazon. Rich Words are basically the synonyms of most common words. I learnt this technique in a book named “How to make anyone fall in love with you.” This technique is easy to follow and it can make the other person think that you are a rich guy. Words like happy, sad, good and fine have several synonyms and those synonyms can improve your language easily.

Suppose your partner just made a great dish after 2 hours of hardwork and all you said was “Oh, that looks so good.” Would this make any impact? Now, suppose in same scenario, you said “Hey! This looks delicious. I hope I can eat this fresh piece of mutton now!” Which one do you think will be more impactful? The first or second one?

To be honest, my English is also poor and also I struggle with word choices. So, I know you guys can make better example than mine one but for now, from the above mentioned examples, we can see that second one is more impactful because there are specific words that describe the quality of the food.

Same is true with people. When you compliment someone (which we should do) based on anything, make sure you have some Rich Words in your dictionary so that you can be more specific with your compliment. Saying a meaningful sentence with lots of specific words is far more better than just saying a simple “You did great.”

2. Language: Everyone has its own language. Some speak proper English and some speak only slangs. Some mix two languages and some use whatever word they get. While improving your communication, make sure you don’t use slangs or abusive words. Also, make sure you use only one language words.

There is a difference between knowing and speaking. Knowing abusive words is good but using them is bad and unethical. You should use gentle words instead of abusive words. Even if you are having a debate or a fight, your words should always be clean and non abusive. If you think not always, then most of the time.

Look at any successful person or popular celebrity and you will see that they don’t use abusive words. They know about them but it doesn’t mean they use them. They use Rich Words and their language is purified. This is what makes the difference.

People in this age think that using abusive words is cool and it shows how confident we are and how frank we are but this is not true. You can have fun with simple words too. Purify your language as much as you can and speak synonyms. This way, you can improve your overall language.

3. Compliment: This one is simple and easy. You just have to compliment people on whatever they are doing. Make sure to be specific with your words but don’t compliment too much. Often times, you will identify the other person telling about something they did or doing something courageous. In those times, you should consider complimenting them.

Don’t do it because you have to, do it because you want to. Also, don’t except the same from them. People love recieving compliments. You should always praise people and never demotivate them.

4. Listen, Listen and Listen: You should also learn to listen. Listening is a skill and it requires patience and awareness. People often tell stories about themselves without even listening to the other person. I’ve been in that situation and it feels really boring.

You should try to listen them and respond to whatever they are saying. You should listen to listen not listen to answer. It shouldn’t be like you just listen to the last sentence of the story and ask the question based on that. You should listen whole story and respond accordingly. I know it’s hard but it can help you get along with people easily.

These are the 4 ways you can improve your communication skills. There are several books written on this topic so you can read them if you want to. Verbal communications are very important. You can look like a rich but you can’t speak like a rich unless you do some practice.

Lastly, how you speak and how you behave is what determines how people will remember you. Work on your appearance and the way you speak and you will soon get respect from people around you. You don’t have to have a nice car or a great job to get respect, your language and appearance will be enough if you want to get respect from people.

To Conclude:

1. The way you communicate with people determines how they will communicate to you.
2. Some techniques to improve communication skills are rich words selection, complimenting, language improving and listening.
3. Verbal communication skills are very important in life.
4. You can look rich but you can’t speak like rich without practice.
5. How you speak and behave with others determines how people will remember you.

Alright, this is it. I hope you got to learn something from it. Like this post and comment anything you have. Subscribe to our newsletter for getting some awesome blogs in your beautiful inbox. Learn to communicate well. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow!

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  1. Communication is order of the day. no business is successful without proper communication with clients and employees. Even our daily life is meaningless without right communication with right people.

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