Hey guys!!! Every one of us read books and those books can sometimes be tedious to read. We can’t always skip a book and have its notes just like we did in schools (I miss those days!). Sometimes we have to read a book which doesn’t include any picture so today, let’s learn 5 tricks to boost your reading speed in our favorite, Expeknow style!

Before telling you the tricks, I would like to suggest you that whatever you are going to read, just make sure that you are applying what you learn. Learning happens when you are no longer who you were. If fast reading isn’t something you really want then just give this post a read but if you are going to try fast reading, I would like to suggest you to not read only for reading. Read books only if you are applying what you learn. That being said, let’s jump into 5 steps you can use to boost your reading speed.

Step 1. Let Learning lead to actions: Don’t read because you have to read or you are assigned to read. Read because you can use information. Read because you are going deep into something that can give you some sort of results in life. In any book, firstly read all the important sections of it. Take actions as you read. Let actions be your guide and let that guide you how you go through books.

Step 2. Create a reading ritual: You should read every day. Make it a habit. World’s smartest people are always available to you. They are near you in your book. Don’t be too busy to ignore them. They are always ready to help you. So, decide a fix time and duration for which you are going to read. For fast reading, it’s important to read in the first place.

Step 3. Preview every book: Before reading any book, spend some time to preview it. Read the table of contents. Read the summary. Read some important paragraphs, pages, lessons, or parts. Just get the idea of what the book is about. Do this for 5 or 10 minutes before reading the book and you will save a lot of your time by identifying how the book presents the information and what you should be focusing on.

Also, answer these 3 questions before reading any book!
Q1. What is the main idea?
Q2. What is my goal from this book?
Q3. What parts should I read to get the most of this book?

Step 4: Continues motion: Okay, so this one is really simple and a little dangerous. I would advise you to not use it always. This one should only be used when you HAVE to read the book. When you JUST HAVE TO read the part. Use it when you are not reading an important part of the book. Use it as a tool in your toolbox, not as your whole toolbox. It’s just a way to read books. So the trick is to use a pen to lead your eyes underneath every line. This will let your eyes move in a continuous motion. Kinda simple but effective.

Step 5. Divide your reading into two categories: Divide them into the categories of the books you want to read and the books you want to listen. Don’t spend your 15 hours reading a book when you can listen to it in 2 hours and Don’t spend 15 hours of repeated listening of an audiobook if you can read the important sections in 2 hours. Use your time wisely so you get maximum output in minimum time. Categorizing books may take time but it will help you a lot.

So, if your book is long and contains few ideas to explain, try to listen to it in your free times instead of reading it. And if your book is short, contains several concepts, or you think is important enough for you, read the book word by word. Just by organizing your books this way, you can save a lot of your time and read books faster.

To Conclude:

1. You should read books to apply what you learn in your life.
2. Let your learning lead to actions.
3. Have a reading ritual.
4. Read daily.
5. Before reading any book, read the summary of it.
6. Use a pen to lead your eyes while reading.
7. Divide your reading into two categories. Books you can listen to and books you can read.

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