Hey guys!!! Do you want motivation to work everyday? Do you want motivation to do a task everyday? Well, I have a solution for you. Today, I am going to share a quick little tip that will work as your motivation to do work. You would love to use it if you are a college student or a school student. So, get ready to read the trick I am going to tell in our favourite, Expeknow style.

The trick for motivation I am going to share with you is an external motivation trick, it’s not an internal motivation trick. If you want to know about both types of motivation then check out my previous blogs. You will find a blog named “Types of Motivation“. That blog is amazing so make sure to check that out too.

So, in simple words, the trick is to use some pleasure giving thing for motivation. Yeah, you heard it right. Suppose you have to complete a project in a day. You can finish that in 2 hours but you want to eat your lunch first. Now, what you have to do is to just do the work first and then eat lunch. Say to yourself “I will eat food only when I will finish this work“. This might be hard and it may reduce the quality of your task but if you are the person who doesn’t do task and just procrastinate then this will work for you. By time, it will not affect your quality of work so, don’t be afraid of losing quality. Just start it.

I am also a procrastinator who doesn’t like to do shit and just postpone it so what I do is to say myself to be worthy for that food which I am gonna eat. Everyday I wake up, I do tasks that are things that I should be doing to get my food. It’s not like I can’t get my food without doing any task, I can but the taste of the food increases when you do work to get that food.

There are a lot of people who just wake up, play games, go hangout and come home, eat food then sleep and go out with friends and then again eat and sleep. This is disgusting. I mean, there should be “me” time, no doubt, but you should also be worthy for the food you are eating. Make a commitment from today to eat your food only when you do atleast one productive work which you should be doing but you have been postponing.

This has helped me a lot. Believe me, this will help you too. Just find and make list of all the work you should be doing like studies, homework, any project, personality development etc. And do atleast one of them to be Worthy for the food you will eat. Not only food, you can use anything else. Like, Playing game, watching funny video, watching movie, watching TV, Playing outdoor games, etc. It could be anything. Just make sure that the thing you are using for motivation is important for you.

Alright, this is it. I hope you got the point. Comment for any suggestion. Subscribe to my newsletter, it’s completely paid. You will have to pay your 5 second for subscribing. Use this trick. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.


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