Hey guys!!! We all have sense of desire for something. It can be a new phone you just saw, new accessories your friend just bought, a new car that just came in and many more. In our lifetime, we go through a lot of wants that we try to fulfill and by fulfilling them, we find fulfillment but is this a right approach to be fulfilled? Do you really need something to be fulfilled? Let’s find it out in our favorite, Expeknow style!

We are living in a world full of advertisements. Everyone you see is trying to sell you something. Call it your favorite news channels, TV shows, newspapers, YouTubers, shops, online websites, celebrities, influencers and what not.

For anything to sell, you need a customer who is willing to pay a price for your service. A customer pays a price for something only when getting something in his/her need.

Now, this seems fine. People sell and those who need the goods come to buy. But the problem arises when some people first sell you the insecurity (aka Need for something) and then they sell you their products.

This can be seen everywhere these days. You open your favorite channel to see some entertainment and suddenly the anchor shifts your focus, with a carefully written script, to some insecurities of yours that you never thought of.

Now, there are only two possibilities when something like this happens.

First, a guy sees a video where he got to know about his face chubby. The anchor suggested a sponsored lotion for his face chubby and he buys it. Now, since he has the cream which reminds him of his face chubby, he is even more insecure than he was before.

And now, he is investing his time and money into fixing that problem of his face that he once didn’t notice.

Second, let’s say, this time the guy did see the video but didn’t order the product or completely rejected what the anchor was selling. Or let’s say he didn’t even see the complete video.

Now, can you identify the difference it makes in both cases?

In the first case, the guy has got insecurity that he didn’t have before watching the video and now he is putting his energy on that aspect too. On the other hand, the second guy didn’t accept the written script and didn’t accept any insecurity the anchor was selling. And he is living a good life.

by this, I want to let you know you are already fulfilled in your life. The moment you wake up, you are surrounded by these insecurity selling companies. You don’t need anything in order to be fulfilled because you are fulfilled. You just have to realise it.

You don’t need a cool watch, a fancy car, new clothes, sexy phone covers, dope hair products, the latest phone, or anything else to be fulfilled.

See, the more attention you give to the things you have, the more insecure you will become about them. And the more insecure you are about the things around you, the more energy and attention you will give to them.

Think about it. Suppose you have a habit of constantly thinking about what others are thinking about your clothes, phone, shoes, hairstyle, car, watch, etc. You think about this almost always. What do you think will you become after 1 month of doing this activity daily? After 1 year? 10 years? 30 years?

It’s hard to notice but this thinking can really damage your psyche and your overall life. Also, at the end, do you think you will attain fulfillment after doing this for 30 years?

Now, suppose you live a whole day without thinking or giving attention to anything materialistic you own. Just being happy in who you are and what you have. Won’t you get a lot of free time to think about your life?

How about going further and thinking what your life will become after 1 month of doing this? And 1 year? 10 years? 30 years?

Won’t you make a difference in your life if you get a lot of time to think about it? You will.

Think about it and you will know what I am talking about. There shouldn’t be a lot of things where we should give our attention. How you look gets covered by what your content is. Focus on your inner self not the materialistic self like everyone else.

I know this isn’t easy but we can at least have a perspective about it. You are fulfilled from the day you came. You didn’t have anything when you came and you won’t even have anything when you will go. Learn to accept this truth.

You try to fulfill your life with meaningless materials, stimulations, relationships, thoughts and what not. From the day you are born, you have been filled with these needs of material things.

Try to actually see the difference between the items that you want and the items that you really need.

As I said, you don’t need anything to be fulfilled. You just need to accept this fact and align yourself with it. That’s a recipe for fulfillment.

That being said, let’s wrap this blog. I hope you learn something from it. I didn’t organize it very well so I am sorry for that. Join me by signing with my newsletter. Feel free to comment, I hardly receive any comments. Learn to be fulfilled. This is Atul and you are at, Expeknow.

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