Hey guys!!! Being positive is what we all want (Even me). I am currently reading a whole book for being positive so that should tell you my determination towards being positive (I am such a bad joke cracker). Anyway, few days back, I learnt a very good step for being positive. That doesn’t last longer but that does give you instant positivity. So, when you go to purpose your crush and she rejects you for a dumb guy, use this trick for feeling like the king of this world. So today, let’s learn a quick step for being positive in our favourite, Expeknow style!

The quick little tip that I am talking about is to write down your Top 10 achievements in your life. Yeah, it’s simple. Maybe you were the person who passed the school exams with highest grades or who came 1st in a sport or you were the person who saved an ant from coming beneath your feet or you were the person who didn’t kill a mosquito who bite you or maybe you were the first person to date the hottest girl of your school or maybe you were the first boy who had a girlfriend in 5th class (if you did then salute to you).

See, achievements are not just based on school grades and stuff. It is based on your whole life. Your best achievements. It can be anything. Anything funny enough and inspiring enough to make you positive. Put this into a smartly formatted document, which you can look at often. And try to look at these achievements each week or day to have some instant positivity.

When I wrote mine, I was happy and smiling on myself. I realised that there is a lot that I have forgotten just because of today’s stress. We all mostly live in a stressful life and forget about what we have achieved. Sometimes, we all should look back and just feel happy for what we have achieved. This makes you positive and tells you who you are in a crowd. You have powers and this can remind you of your powers. obviously not killing the ant or mosquito will not remind you your powers but some things can.

The easiest way to have a positive mind is to create a positive mind. This is true. Positivity doesn’t just come with a quick tip or trick. It takes months to create positivity and a lot of practice. The tip I shared may not work in a long term but it can make you realise your achievements and your powers which can make you believe in you which eventually can make you positive instantly (It’s confusing).

So yeah, this is it. I hope you liked it. This has helped me so I hope it works for you too. I may not be 100% right so make sure to share your thoughts by commenting. Drop a like and also, subscribe to our newsletter. This makes me positive as hell. Spread positivity. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.


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