hey guys. A hero is the most important part of any movie, play, story etc. A hero saves people, fights for the right thing, removes conflict and solves problem. A movie, story or play is absolutely incomplete without a Hero. So today, let’s learn about the qualities of a real Hero in expe-know style.

I have watched several movies, read tens of books (Yes, it is ten) and stories. In the beginning, I used to think of a hero as a masculine men who can beat 10 people without any weapon, has the hottest girl, looks handsome and has a good intelligence but by time, I got to know that it was just my imagination that was filled in me by movies. So, I started to search for the definition of a real hero and here is what I got.

So few days back, I was just watching a video on YouTube about Batman. There, the anchor was telling that why Batman is considered as the most powerful Hero. The anchor said the amazing thing that got stuck in my mind and gave me idea to write something like this. The line that he said was this: ‘A hero is a person who fights with his fear and defeats it‘ This is the reason why, without any superpower, batman is considered as the most powerful hero. This applies in our real world too.

I am a game lover, I have played thousands of games and I have seen one common thing that the weakest player is the popular one. Take ‘clash of clans’ for example. In the logo of it, you will find the image of the weakest troop. I don’t know whether it’s related to our topic or not but I found a relation between them.

We seek our heroes in movies without even understanding that they are with us. see around you, do you see a hero, a person who has defeated his fear. Well, I do and not only one but many. Everyone has fears. Fears stop us to from achieving something. Fighting with our fears is not an easy task. A fear is a feeling of being afraid and dealing with that fear and triumphing over it, does make you or anyone a real hero.

Today’s blog is really small. I really don’t want to write irrelevant things in my blog so I made it small. I just wanted to tell you about this and so I did. It could be a wrong definition of a hero, a misleading blog or something that doesn’t make any sense but It does and will give you a different perspective to think about Heroes.

I hope you got my point. It has been a long time since I posted my last blog (Okay, very long) so now I won’t do that as my exams are now finished. I will be posting new blogs on every second day from now on so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Instagram and bookmark us.

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