Hey guys!!! In my previous blog, I talked about controlling your part of the story. Since this is also a great concept, let me today elaborate this term. In our life, we always feel like we aren’t getting everything we deserve. You may deserve to be at a better post but just because of someone else’s mistake, maybe you aren’t there. Now, this type of situation is in everyone’s life. We all somehow, somewhere feel like we are not getting what we deserve. So, what should we do about this? How should we manage this thing? Today, let’s learn some thing about the 50-50 concept in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Before writing anything, I want to clear this that the name “50-50 concept” is not the real name of this. This is what I call this so don’t mismatch it. The 50-50 concept for me is that not everything in your life can be controlled by you. Let’s be real, can we really control everything in our life? Can we control the behaviour of our co-workers or the behaviour of our boss? Can we control the bus timings and the rain? Can we control the mood of our interviewers or the mood of our spouse? Can we control the next person around us who is disturbing us? Well, you got it right, not everything can be controlled.

We are very complex beings. Everyone of us is made of a lot of memories, feelings, intelligence, circumstances, behaviour, habits, knowledge etc. Everyone has its own history. We can’t control anyone in this world. We may control a part of them but can’t control them. Every single thing in our life, no matter how small or big, can change our mood and you may agree that our moods mostly define our behaviour with others.

Through this 50-50 concept, I want to tell you that not everything can be controlled by you. Maybe the step you took in your life was right but just because someone else’s mood wasn’t good, your whole outcome changed. It’s not always your fault as long as you have given and stayed true to your 50% of the part. You should, always, in life think about this concept. This is really powerful ideology and can work wonders if applied correctly.

I also feel like sometimes I don’t get everything I deserve. What I do is to accept it and move on. I accept that I have given my 50%. It’s people’s loss if they didn’t get who am I. You ain’t gonna get everything you deserve and at that time, this thing can save you. Understand that you have given your 50%. Once you understand this, you will also accept the results. Results are not always in your hand. What you have is your part of the responsibility. If you have given your 50% then understand that the results are gonna be what fate has decided for you.

I know people will say that fate isn’t a thing. I do believe them. What am I saying is just this that learn to accept the results when you have given your 50%. Learn to give your part and forget everything. If you are late at office, accept it. If you have got a bad co-worker then it’s not your fault. Change the workplace or accept it. Don’t be negative about the things you have got. Being negative doesn’t help but being positive does. Learn to be positive by applying this simple 50-50 concept. Even if your life isn’t going right. Just understand your part in the story, try to improve your part and accept the results.

To conclude:

1. learn to accept that not everything can be controlled.
2. You have only 50% responsibility of outcomes you will get.
3. Life isn’t always gonna give you what you deserve but if you accept your responsibility in the outcome, you can accept the results too.
4. Let the feelings of defeat, negativity, anger and frustration go. Don’t hold them in your mind just because you didn’t get what you want.

Alright, I hope you got the concept. Like this post. If you have any doubts, comment them. Share it if you want. Also, subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of the page to get these amazing short blogs right into your inbox. Understand the life at a deeper level. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow!

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  1. Excellent Blog Atul! I liked this one a lot, especially the summary/conclusion at the end with the key points. 👌 That was very helpful and I feel that my productivity has increased by reading it. 😅

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