Hey guys!!! Do you use your phones at night? Do you want to stop using your phones at night? Well today, I have a little thing to tell you if you don’t want to use your phones at night. This is not like my ordinary blogs where I give real life tips. This is just a small setting I want to share with you guys that has helped me a lot. So without any further talks, let get started in our favorite, Expeknow style.

To be honest, from couple of months, I have been using my phone at night till two or sometimes three O’ clock. This was not bothering me much when I started doing it but after sometimes, I saw that my sleeping pattern has changed. I started sleeping at 2 O’ clock and wake up at 10 O’ clock. This was not bothering me much but when I started getting low energy and felt unmotivated at days, I felt bad. I felt like WTF? Why am I waking up so late? Why am I feeling lazy?

I didn’t know how to get that old sleeping pattern back. So, few days back, while roaming around my phone settings, I found a useful setting in my phone. This is called “Schedule Power on/off“. Yeah, you guys may have known this setting before, but I didn’t know it. This setting has helped me getting my old sleeping pattern back. I just have to set a time on which my phone will shut down itself and a time on which my phone will automatically switch on itself. This setting is awesome. I just set a time and it automatically switches off my phone. It even gives a 20 second warning to leave phone and close everything important.

Now, I use this setting because as I have told in my previous blogs, a habit should be made by baby steps. This setting helps me take beby steps to get my old sleeping pattern back. So here, I am not completely leaving my phone at night (which I tried doing and failed), I am trying to use my phone as well as build a habit to not to use it much because now, I have set a limit. So, in simple words, I am using my phone for a limited time.

This might look childish but believe me it isn’t. Phones can be easily used at night and they can impact on your life so if anyone around you uses phone at night, suggest them my blogs (Just kidding!), suggest them to use it. This also requires self-discipline because anyone can easily stop these settings but I believe that one who really wants to change his/her life, will certainly not do that.

If you are going to use this, I suggest you to reduce only 15 or 30 minutes at start. So, if you sleep at 3:00 am (Like me), set the timer to 2:30 am. Here, you aren’t cutting your whole time, you are just reducting a bit of it. Once you get comfortable with that, set the timer to 2:00 am and so on. Don’t just rush into increasing time rapidly. Just wait until you get comfortable with it and then reduce the time.

If you feel like sleeping late night isn’t a big deal so I would say you to try sleeping on time. Late night sleeping is not good and is unhealthy for your brain. Instead of sleeping at late night, try to wake up early and do some exercise. That is more important to you, isn’t it?

Anyway, a little bonus tip, type this or paste this number on your dailer and press the call button: *#*#4636#*#*. (Don’t worry it isn’t my number) It will open a window where you have to select “Usage statistics“. There you can easily see which app consumes most of your time. This is important for you to check. So, do check that and try to control usage of any certain app which is game or social media. I will talk about it later. Or maybe in my next blog. You never know.

So, this is it. I hope you liked what you read. Hit the like button. Subscribe to the newsletter for me, it really brings smile on my face. Use this setting. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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