Hey guys!!! Confidence is all we need. Everyone wants confidence. Confidence to take actions, to be yourself, to stand out of the crowd, to speak what you want, to lead, to make your life awesome and so on. Today, I would share a little trick to boost your confidence instantly. So let’s get into it in our favorite, Expeknow style.

No no no. This trick won’t be enough for get the confidence for all the things you want or mentioned above but this trick will definitely give you an instant boost of confidence. So let me tell you the little trick.

The trick is to maintain your “Body Language.” Yes, body language is something we don’t think about much. But actually, it can shape your identity. Let me quickly tell you how. You maybe having a friend who is really confident around everyone. Who doesn’t give a fuck of what others think. Next time, try to observe his body language and a guys who is very shy.

You may find that the confident guy’s body language is completely different from the other guy. The confident one walks with arms spreaded, talks with high tone, sits with arms on table and legs having gap. Where on the other hand, the shy guy will walk and sit by shrinking his body as much as he can.

Not only by us, this is also done by animals. Animals shrink themselves when they feel fear. The opposite of fear is confidence so if you are feeling fear, you will shrink your body and if you feel confident, you will do the opposite. Think about the situation where you have won 1st place in Olympic race. How would you react? Well, you will stand like king. Shout as loud as you can. You will not stop. Now, think about the situation where you are going to give your first speech in front of 500 people. How would you feel? You will try to hide in a cave. You will try to run from it.

So, the solution is simple. Whenever you go out or in your class, school, office etc. Try not to shrink your body. Try to expand yourself as much as possible. This doesn’t mean you try to be a creep. Just try to copy the body language of a confident guy around you. Copy how they walk, sit, come in, go out, talk, etc. Just expand your Body don’t shrink it. Even if you can’t do this, try to fake it. Fake it until it becomes your habit to stay with that body language.

Whenever you go out, try to do some movements with your hands. Try not to use your phone as an escape. Just fake it. Fake it until you make it. Live that body language. Try not to shrink your body. Do some legs movement or hand movement whenever you sit or walk. If you can’t do any of these because of some reasons, try to go in bathroom or in an empty room and for 2 minutes, stand in expansion. Be as expended as you can while standing and keep holding that position for 2 minutes.

Alright, this is it for today. I hope you liked it. Make sure you like this blog. Subscribe for me. Try this technique. This is atul and you are at Expeknow.

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