Hey guys!!! We all have some life problems which we can’t tell everyone. Those are the problems where we need some genuine advice from people and most of us don’t have those people who can give us some genuine advice. So how can we get some advice from someone who knows us? Today, let’s learn a simple way to get some genuine advice of life problems in our favorite, Expeknow style!

Suppose you just had a break-up and you are feeling sad and a sense of loss. You don’t know how to fix this so you go to your friends and tell them your problem. Now, your friends will either make fun of that topic or they will give some random tips to overcome situation without realising the depth of your feelings.

They may tell you some quick fixes, tips and actions to take but those tips won’t work because they were some random things. How you are feeling exactly, what you now have, what you can arrange, how you spend your day and how much disciplined you are is something that very few people in your life know.

So, if you have a friend who knows all these things then congratulations because you will get some genuine advice from him but if you are the one, who doesn’t have a true friend then you should try this technique.

The technique is simple. Just sum up your situation in few sentences. Examine everything and give yourself this situation as a question. What advice will you give to your friend if he was suffering from same situation? Be completely true and raw. Your raw advices are some genuine solution for your problems.

You know yourself and your life situation better than ANYONE in this world. You are the only person who knows YOU. Take benefit of this thing and give some genuine advice to yourself.

Either ask the problem to yourself or write it down on a piece of paper. Then, write some ways to solve that problem. If you still feel like you can’t solve it, just write any funny solution. Keep writing until you get some genuine solutions.

This is the technique which can give you some realistic advices without disclosing your identity. This may not work everytime (as the law of exception says) but this will surely give you some solutions of your problems.

You can’t solve a problem without accepting the problem. Make sure you first accept that you need some help. Most people don’t accept their problems. Most addicts say that they aren’t addicted until the day they die. Make sure you don’t do the same.

So, I hope you got the technique. Either ask your problem as a question to yourself or write it down on a paper and write creative ways to solve it. You will surely get some genuine ways to deal with the problem.

I would recommend you to ask for solution from someone close to you if you can but if you don’t want to share your problems with anyone, try doing this technique. This will surely help you

To conclude:

1. There are some life problems which we can’t tell everyone.
2. You are the only one who knows every single thing about you.
3. To get some genuine advice of your life problems, try imagining your friend having same problem and give him some raw advices. Those advices will work for you too.
4. You can also write your problems on a piece of paper and keep writing some answers of it until you get some genuine advice.
5. To solve a problem, you must accept it as a problem.

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