Hey guys!!! You might agree that without being aware of death, we can’t truly enjoy the gift of life. Life is limited and it has to end one day no matter how rich you are, how popular you are, how bad you are or how poor you are. Nothing can stop death but, instead of fearing from it we can actually learn the meaning of life from it. Today, let’s learn an exercise to feel the importance of your life in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Close you eyes. Sit on a chair and make yourself comfortable. Turn off your TV or phone and get away from distractions. Sit quietly for few moments. Take some deep breaths. Now, try to imagine yourself laying on your deathbed. Try to feel every feeling that may come to you when you will die. Sense of loss, tears, remembering everything, thinking about your best life experiences and so on.

Now, imagine everyone (you think is important in your life) coming to you as you are about to die. One by one everyone is coming and you are saying them whatever you want to say. It can be their contribution in your life, their love, how they changed you, how you will miss them, how every moment with them is coming in your mind and so on. Try to feel the feelings too. Say everything you want them to know. These are your last minutes. Say everything loudly.

After talking to everyone, open your eyes. See the photos of everyone you talked to. You will have tears. You will feel so much peaceful that they are still there. You are still there. This is a really powerful exercise and it can tell you the meaning of your life. You don’t have to wait for death to know the meaning of life, you can create your own death experience by just imagining it.

If I will tell you that you have to run until I say stop, how do you think you are going to run? Well, I think you will run slowly by not wasting much of your energy so that you can run later on too. Now, if I tell you that you just have to run for 10 minutes, how will you run? You will run by using all your energy in an effective way so that you can complete the task without being exhausted.

Same is true with life. Most people live like they are never gonna die. They think that they are immortal so they forget the meaning of life. They are so much busy in their problems that they forget about present. A person who knows the end of whatever he is doing is the one who enjoys doing the work. He has imagined the end just like we imagined the death.

On the other hand, a person who doesn’t know the end of whatever he is doing is the one who gets a lazy lifestyle. He doesn’t know what he ultimately wants so he settles for whatever he has and finds his life in his small problems and small successes of life.

Your life problems and everything that happens to you is all going to end one day. You are going to end one day. Do you think that on your deathbed you will think about “I wish I could’ve approached that random girl” or “I wish Sam knows that I didn’t take his pen.” or “I wish I could’ve just done 2 more parties in my 20s.

You are not going to think about any of these. What you will think about is the happy moments of your life. Moments which made you laugh. Moments which made you proud and moment where you shined. You will remember everyone who you have ever seen and try to say thanks to them because at the end, nothing matters.

This is what gives meaning to life. We should not be caught up in our daily problems. We should enjoy life and plan for future. We should plan for the end. How are you going to die? What will you leave behind? What impact are you going to make? How you are going to change the world?

If you know that one day you are going to die then why do you keep thinking about small things. If you want, you can find happiness everywhere. Imagining your own death should give you power to achieve your goals and understand people. You are going to leave everyone and everything one day.

All your life issues are going to end one day. You will laugh on them when you will be on your deathbed because you don’t have to face them anymore. Problems and solutions are what makes our life beautiful. If there wouldn’t be any problem in our life then how will we understand the meaning of happiness? If there wouldn’t be death so how would we understand life?

Imagining our own death can tell us the meaning of our life. It can motivate you to face life issues with clear vision. If you know that you are going to die one day then what’s the loss in living your dream life?

Do you think that at the end, on your deathbed, people will neglect you for doing what you truly wanted? For what you did? For what you tried doing? No! No one is gonna remind that you shouldn’t have taken that step in your childhood. People will remember you for what you did to them not for what you did to you.

So, at the end, I would like to say that no matter how hard the situations are now, your life will change. You will someday laugh at your current problems and think that those were the moments where I felt like alive. I remember this line in a song by one republic “Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.” This is true. At the end, what you will think is that the problems are what makes you feel alive.

Try to do everything you want to do. No matter what others think. At the end, everyone’s gonna die and you shouldn’t regret later. You should live like you are to die tomorrow. I do everything I want to do. People are faces and they change quickly but what I want to do is something that can’t be changed quickly so I do what I want to do. This life will never come to you again. Try to do whatever you want. At last, Live the Life.

To conclude:

1. Without being aware of death, we can’t truly enjoy the gift of life.
2. Life has to end one day so don’t fear death.
3. Imagine your own death and you will understand the meaning of your life and everyone in your life.
4. Most people live like they are immortal so they keep focusing on the problems in their life and they forget the life in the problems.
5. By imagining our own death, we imagine our end which gives us motivation to do something we wouldn’t have done.
6. At the end, what you are going to think about is the moments of your life where you shined.
7. Without death there can’t be any life. Similarly, without sadness, there can’t be happiness.
8. You should live your dream life because at the end, people will remember you only for what you did to them not to you.
9. You should find your life in problems not problems in your life.
10. Do everything you want to do because you will regret later of not doing it.

Alright, I hope you learnt this thing. It may be not well organised but this is what I think about this topic. I have written everything I know. Now, it’s your turn. Comment anything you have. Like this and subscribe to my newsletter. Remember the meaning of life. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow!

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