Hey guys!!! A strategy is a way of looking at the world with a purpose in mind. While making strategy or being strategic, you must take care of one thing. Without this thing, your life and your strategy become two different things. Even though you come up with the greatest strategy, if you are not taking care of this thing, you will end up not following that strategy because the strategy won’t work the way you wanted it to work. So what is this thing? Today, let’s learn a very important thing to care of if you want to be strategic, in our favourite Expeknow style.

First of all, thank you guys for coming here and do subscribe us for getting our blogs right into your inbox. Now, the thing I was talking about was “Adaptability and Flexibility“. When people make strategy, they don’t make it adaptable and flexible which in result make their life and plan two different things.

Suppose you are a general standing on a battlefield. Tomorrow is a war. Now, you have made your strategy but it’s focused on a sunny day. Since your strategy is just focused on a sunny day, what will happen if rain comes on the day of war? How will the opponent attack? This will totally change the outcome of the war. This is a huge mistake. Since a general makes strategies for the war, it’s very important for him to be flexible and adaptable. He has to make the plan flexible and adaptable so that it covers every situation and variable.

In our real life also, the environment and situation changes everyday. The person who may be happy today, may not be happy tomorrow. So, a perfect strategy needs to be flexible and ready to change. It should take every aspect which is possible. You may still won’t be able to take every variable so you also have to be ready to change your strategy completely if necessary.

A successful strategy maker knows that nothing in life is certain. He take cares of every aspect. He changes and updates his strategy often. He doesn’t just make a strategy and follow it through his whole life, he changes it often. Sometimes weekly and sometimes everyday. He knows that it’s not just about making a plan in a day and following that through his whole life. He takes care of every situation, disaster, problem or misfortune so that he can make his strategy realistic.

Life doesn’t revolve around us. Making a strategy doesn’t make you work according to the world, it makes world work according to you. While strategizing, you have to go out and see if your plan works or not. If it doesn’t then you have to change it and add different things. Don’t just get stuck in a way how things work. Everything changes constantly. What is right today, may not be right tomorrow. There is always something better to replace. This is what being flexible and adaptable means.

Alright, this is it. I hope you got my point. This topic has alot of things so if you want to learn them, just comment. Make sure to drop a like. Subscribe to my newsletter for bringing a smile on my face. Share it with your friends. Be flexible and adaptable. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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