Hey guys. Rules tell us what is allowed or not allowed in a particular place. Rules give us boundaries to live in. Rules are everywhere. Whether you are in school, college, office, public place or anywhere you will find some rules to follow. People usually break rules and say that they are meant to be broken but is it really true? Are rules really meant to be broken? Today, let’s find the answer of this question in expe-know style.

For finding the answer of this question let’s consider a person who will now live two lives in different conditions. (I wish I could also live it)

In his first life, he is living a life of a boy who has the right to do anything, go anywhere and eat anything. He is not being controlled by anyone.
Now, what do you think will he become after living 50 years of his life? What I think is that, he will become a person who doesn’t care about time, doesn’t have any schedule, doesn’t have a planned day and doesn’t do anything in proper order. He will eventually be a person who is not bothered by future plans. A person who just knows how to live present.

Now, with my super expeknow powers, I am giving this guy another life to see what will he do in another situation.

This guy is born again and is living a life where he is bounded by rules. He has specific time to sleep and wake up, a specific amount of money to spend everyday, a specific time to study, a specific time to eat and almost everything specified. What do you think he will become after 50 years of his life? I think that he will become a person who will live his life in an order. he will live the present while planning for the future. Moreover, he will live his life in a proper way or in a scheduled way.

Having rules in our life don’t make us limited, it actually tells us our limitations. By this demonstration, you can say that rules actually build our character. It changes us. If you have a rule in your life to not to cheat anyone, you will get that in return and same is true with the opposite. Rules are something that is acceptable by everyone and is not harmful. There are several rules that can be seen today. Take example of your school. do you have any rules there? I am sure that there would be some. As long as they don’t bother you much, follow them otherwise if you think that they aren’t good for anyone than change them. Breaking rules is just a game of ‘swag’ for teenagers.

So, this is it for today. I hope this was clear. By all this study, we can say that rules aren’t meant to be broken as long as they are not harmful because they build our character.
I hope you have got my point. My words were not specific but the point, which I am trying to convey, is I hope clear. Ask me anything by commenting. This is it for today. Make sure to subscribe us for more of such content. This is atul kumar and this is experienced knowledge aka expeknow.WordPress.com (Hahaha I posted the link of my wapsite on my wapsite. Strange!)


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