You can’t.

Life is nuanced. It is so nuanced that at one point you might feel overwhelmed if you try to know how nuanced it is.

Say you want to be the best dancer.

Now, think of what’s important for being the best dancer.

1. Being flexible.

2. Giving enormous time to dancing.

3. Winning a big tournament of dancing.

You might add 2 or 3 things more but let me now add some nuances here:

  • You need to be very active and aware of the surrounding.
  • You need to work out every day to increase your energy level.
  • You need to work on your speed and timing.
  • Increasing full-body coordination is another important thing.
  • You need to put at least 10,000 hours of practice to first attain mastery at dancing.
  • You will need a great teacher and institute to learn to dance from.
  • You will need friends who don’t waste your time and girlfriend who doesn’t leave you with an emotional breakdown.
  • You will need to exploit opportunities because being the best means you will have to be visible in the field of dancing first.
  • You will have to save yourself from getting injured while practising every time because constant practice will break you at times.
  • You will need to learn to handle the pressure of audience and performance anxiety. Being best, you are gonna need this.
  • You will have to eat healthily, train certain parts of your body for better dance movement, understand different dance styles for years.

I am no dancer and I don’t even know any dancer but with my observation, I can tell that most of those above-written things are true and wait, there is so much more which only a dancer could tell you.

This is true with every field.


The point here is that being best requires you to be very nuanced in that field. You can’t just win a contest or do one activity and become best.

There is always someone better than you willing to put more hours and labour than you.

People lose their personal lives to be the best at one thing.

You have to be aware and see that being best in a field is not as easy as it seems.

The more you go higher in a field, the more nuanced your thinking and actions have to be.

There is a reason all those highly skilled people keep track of each small factor. While a normal person just gets things done without thinking much.

Next time you see a professional, just notice how nuanced and well informed they are with what they do.

Celebrities don’t do their make-up or don’t choose their clothing. People who understand these things do it for them.


Because again, celebrities are professional so they have to be nuanced with whatever they say, wear, do, post, give, etc.

They are not like us who can wear unwashed clothes and abuse their friends in the middle of the street.

They are celebrities so they have to maintain their personality and for that, they have to be aware of each factor that can have an impact on their personality and try to control it.

We are not celebrities because we do it ourselves without thinking about nuances.

That’s why celebrities are highly attractive while we are not. It’s no coincidence why most people like celebrities. They actually take care of nuances.

I hope you understand that things become very nuanced when you try to be the best.

You can be better than you but being best, that’s next level work.

I hope this gives you a new perspective to look into things. That’s my whole motive.

Summary: Things become nuanced as you go higher and higher in a field. Each action you take has an impact on your performance or activity so being best is not as easy as it seems.

Sometimes, being better is better than being best.”


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