Hey guys! Making excuses is a really bad habit. It stops us from coming out of our comfort zone and limited beliefs. The more I observe myself these days, the more I am getting to know that I do make excuses, not only 2 or 3 but many. So today, let’s explore when do we make excuses and how to identify it. Let’s quickly get started in Expeknow style!

An excuse simply is a reason that you give to explain why you can’t do something. From few weeks back I’ve started observing my behavior. I, while doing this exercise, noticed that I make lots of excuses just to not do something even if that work is really small or doesn’t require any efforts.

Like, when I reached in my grandmother’s house, I greeted some but left 1 person. I don’t know why but my mind suddenly started giving me reasons that it’s okay. Don’t worry for that and so on. I could have greeted but didn’t because of my excuses which were made my mind. Another example, one of my cousin was talking to his friend. I was near around but again my mind said to not go there. I wanted to start a conversation with my cousin’s friend but again I stopped. Which was again because of my excuses. This happens with me every time. I was in a train for 24 hours of trip. there were 10 people with us but I didn’t talked to anyone. Not even a single person. Why? Well, you know it now.

So the point that I want to tell you is that, if you see yourself not doing something that you should’ve been doing then you can assume that you are making excuses. I think this can apply in every situation.

We give “reasons” for not doing a work and “reason” for doing the same work. Next time when you don’t do something that you think you should’ve done then go and do that work. It’s better than regrating after some time. Try to observe yourself and your thoughts when you convince yourself for not doing something. Your mind gives the best excuse for anything that’s why we are better at it.

It can also mean that we fear to take actions or the shyness but I’d rather call it as “making excuses” because deep inside, we all know what it is.

My tip for this issue would be to observe yourself and your thoughts every time. You and your thoughts are not same. Your thoughts are produced by your brain but you don’t truly work on your brain. Thoughts are like a river flow. They just flow. They don’t stop and so are excuses. We make them to justify ourselves and our point of view.

Next time when you catch yourself doing a mistake like me in the examples above, make sure to not follow your excuses. Make sure to do what you truly feel like doing. Wrong or right, you know what it is.

This is it. I am trying to apply this idea from now. Make sure you do the same. Catch you later. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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