Hey guys! Learning a new language is never easy. It is complicated, time consuming and even boring. But what if I tell you that learning a new language like English can change your life. Yes! English can change your life. Today, I am going to tell you the benefits of learning English. So let’s explore it in our favorite Expeknow style.

A language is the medium of communication. Sometimes, learning a language can help us in communication but sometimes, a language can help us in different areas. English, a language spoken worldwide, is one of those languages which can help you in many ways. Now, obviously if you are from another country except India then maybe this blog is not for you but if you are from India, this blog is especially for you.

Without any further information, let me tell you the benefits of learning English:

1. Learning English can make you more intelligent: Almost 70-80% of the YouTube content is in English language, computers and famous books are mostly in English, top entertainment movies, shows and web series are made in English. So, if you know english, you have the access to get all these things.

2. It can open the possibility to learn things easily: So, almost every device we use has English manuals. Every app and device we use works in English language so, if you know English, you know how to use most devices.

3. You can impress girls: Yeah, this one is true and we all know that. Learning English is not easy and this is something that is not done by everyone. As an adult, it can not be much effective but if you are a teenager, then it can work wonders for you. Girls don’t really see boys speaking English so if you are the one speaking the English, girls will be impressed.

4. You get a high place in society: Believe me or not, English is not just a language, it is far more then that. English gives you a better place in your society. India is not fully developed so if you speak English, people see you as an educated man and this is what will make you elite. although it’s not same everywhere but in most places it can be seen.

5. Job opportunities: How many jobs have you seen where you use Hindi? Now, Think about English. The answers have a huge difference. English is used in almost every MNC’s job. So, if you know English, you have a high rates of succeeding in future.

So this is for today. I hope you got the point and benefits of learning English. I hope you liked this. Subscribe us for more of such content. This is Atul Kumar and you are at Expeknow. Stay happy, stay safe!

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