Hey guys! online dating is very popular these days. Online dating is now being used by millions of people worldwide. One of the highly used platform for this is “Tinder“. Online dating is based on the idea of choosing a partner online and going for a date with him/her. So why is it bad? Let’s figure it out in our favorite, Expeknow style!

Let’s look at how you use tinder. You, the user, go and make an account, Upload your most attractive and beautiful pictures ever taken, write some bullshit imaginary things about yourself and you’re done. Now, Let me ask you, do you go for looks or personality?

We all choose personality as an answer but deep inside, subconsciously, we know that we go for looks. Tinder is solely for those who go for looks. Don’t believe me? How many people have you seen using unedited photo in tinder as a profile photo? None.

Now, we can edit our photos like hell. So, we use them everywhere. When we use them, we actually are showing what we want to show. We are showcasing our personalities for making us look cool. We are being fake in simple words. When we even go for a date with someone from tinder, we still will try our hardest to do the same.

Now, even if you successfully impress the other party, what do you think will your relationship be like? It will be dysfunctional relationship. We can’t hide our true personality for so long with an individual. This means that even if we marry someone from tinder, we will unfold ours and their secrets after a certain time. This will make our relationship dysfunctional because we married to a fake personality.

Tinder is based on looks. If you look stylish, rich and attractive by just a photo, you will get response from the opposite sex. If you look unattractive, poor or boring by your first pic, you won’t get response. Try it yourself by making your two accounts.

How many people have you seen having a perfect relationship and met on an online dating service? None. There aren’t because real people are found on earth, not on these fake online dating services. Using tinder will just make you a person running after looks because it works on this idea.

Now, I would like to say that if you use these things to get girls then my friend, you are lacking in options of opposite sex in real world. Go and meet real people who are like you. Go join some classes and academies to meet new people. This will help you. If you want further tips for meeting the opposite gender so feel free to comment. I’ll make a specific blog for that.

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  1. I second that, online dating is like a war zone, it’s pretty much impossible to get out of it without any wounds. More or less everyone on these sites is looking for flings and quick hook-ups, this is huge disappointment for people who are interested in a serious relationship.

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