Hey guys!!! Self doubt is the very first thing that stops you from being who you are and living your desired life. Somehow everyone suffers from it. Everyone living a young adult life suffers from it. It comes when you do something on your own. Generally, people do what others tell them and they live a life which is lead by others. So, when they do something really big on their own, they doubt themselves and that doubt ruins a lot of things. So today, let’s learn how self doubt can ruin your life in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Self doubt is lack of confidence in our own abilities. We all are somehow afraid of taking risks. Not those small risks to approach a girl or talk to strangers but the bigger ones that can define our future. It can be choosing our career, choosing your desired course, starting a new business, doing what we want, marrying to the girl or boy we like rather then marrying someone we don’t like and lots of other things. When you take a step for doing what you like, people around you start making judgements about you, your friends sometimes don’t support, society leaves you behind and people start making fun of your silly behaviour.

See, the problem is that people don’t realise that their is life not controlled by them. They realise it when reality hits them very hard. They realise it when they have lost everything. When you try to be and do what you are, people make you weird. So, for not getting the tag of “Weird” most people don’t do what they like and end up killing their abilities. Self doubt can also reduce your confidence. Your confidence on your very own self. Your confidence in your powers and abilities.

This world doesn’t give a damn of what you do. People make fun of your decisions just because they haven’t been entertained for a while. They make your fun, feel superior for a little and go for another round. This world is busy, understand it. Do what you like. Even if that is opposite to what people do. Just be clear with what you do. People are not gonna like this because they aren’t you. They don’t understand what you feel, think, believe and suffer from. They just take you as another guy. Even if you took a wrong step, how does it matter? You did what you wanted to. Accept the conveniences and move on. Life doesn’t end there.

When you have self doubt, you go to someone who can say you that you are right and everyone is wrong. What if you don’t have that one? Often times, you are gonna take a big step and you may be right but people will hold you back and no one will support you. This is the time when you don’t have anyone for your support. This is the time you either make it or break it. And most poeple break it. They just don’t do anything just because people weren’t standing with them. This is the stage when some people suicide. So, make sure it doesn’t ruin your life. Take a look at your self doubt functions and try to overcome them.

Some quick little tips for overcoming self doubt. These aren’t gonna fix it so make sure you find some long lasting strategies to overcome it. I can just tell you where the roads go, the journey is done by you. There are a lot of bloggers who have explained it in a way no one can. So, make sure to do some research on it. Alright, here are the tips.

1. Don’t compare: I’ve made a blog on this which is here. Everyone is on their personal journey. You may feel inferior to them but understand that he is not you. You are unique and don’t let that uniqueness go.

2. Forget what they say: Forget everything of what people say to you. Be neutral about it or just don’t tell them what you are doing. I don’t tell anyone what I do. My business is pretty much mine. People make quick judgements so, make sure you don’t take them serious.

3. Be positive: You should listen and read positive content everyday so that you can be motivated and feel good with what you did. Try watching a motivational video everyday.

4. Identify friends: Learn to identify your true friends who support you. Not just by saying but emotionally and mentally. You should nurture those relationships.

I hope you got everything I said. This is something I am also trying to fix. I hope this will help you. Like this post. Share it and subscribe to my newsletter for getting these blogs right into your inbox. Eliminate self doubt. This is Atul and your are at Expeknow!

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