Hey guys. We are living in a world which is full of resources. Now, we can get anything with ease. In this new era of technology, we are becoming more and more lazy and that is what stops us from making new useful habits. Habits either make us or break us. So today, let’s learn a simple way to build a habit in expe-know style.

What will you do if I say you that if you won’t do exercise you will die soon. (Really? I don’t think so.) Let me guess, you will probably start doing exercise on that very first day. (won’t you?) Well, This is not the question, the question is “How much?” How much exercise will you do on that day? Maybe half an hour, 1 hour or a set of exercises or some pushups. It depends on person to person. But, how long will you be able to go on that schedule? you know the answer. (Even I won’t have gone more than 3 days without this trick)

Try saying this to one of your friends and see how long will he/she survives or try it by yourself. it is very hard to build a habit because it takes lots of will power and this is something that we have in a limited amount. We all have busy schedules and making time for other things in our daily life is really hard.

Now, What will happen if I tell you to do only 1or 2 pushups a day? It won’t be difficult, right? You will be able to do them without any question. Well, This is the trick to build a habit. Start doing that work in a very low amount and increase that gradually.

whether it’s about exercising, reading, studying or anything. One thing you can always do and that’s to start that work in a very low amount like, reading only one line or one page a day, doing only one or two pushups a day or learning only one question a day. It sounds stupid but when it comes to build a habit, it is a very effective technique.

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