Hey there. Your dress is an important part of yourself. You wear different dresses in different situation that shows and represents your personality. Choosing a dress for a particular situation is sometimes easy and sometimes hard. So today, let’s learn an easy trick to choose a perfect dress for any situation in expe-know style.

So this trick is knows as the “PTO” technique. Few days ago, I was watching “Perman” and I got this trick in that show (#KnowledgeIsEverywhere).

The full form of this “PTO” is :

P – Place

“P” stands for the place you are going. So, if you are choosing your dress than you maybe going somewhere and that somewhere is “P” which is known as place. For choosing a perfect dress, you should always be aware of the place you are going.

Suppose you are going in a court than your dress must not be fancy, it should be normal or a bit professional like a simple shirt and pants. Similarly, if you are going in a friends house than your dress could be a bit fancy or normal, if the place is an office than if should be according to that. Considering this is very useful while choosing a dress.

T – Time

“T” stands for the time you will reach there or the time till you there. You go somewhere at a particular time whether that is morning, evening, night or midnight. Taking care of the time while choosing a dress does help you.

Considering time is very easy. If you are going in a marriage at night than your dress should be accordingly and if that’s daytime than it should be accordingly. I am not writing any specific thing here as I don’t have much knowledge about different styles. You just have to take care of the time in this. It can also be understood as how much time you are gonna spend there. If that’s more than 2 hours than you should not be fully model looking as it will all go away. But if that is less than 2 hours than be a modal and you’re gonna rock there. And yes, add place in this situation to choose dress. Going for marriage is more than 2 hours but there you can be a model. So, for better results, add place while considering time.

O – Occasion

“O” stands for the occasion you are going to attend. Occasion is very important to consider while choosing a dress.

We go at different occasions like school reunion, school meeting, friend’s b’day, marriage, meeting relatives and what not. This is very important as this is all about the occasion. You can go at your school (Place) at any time (time) for any reason, so knowing the occasion you are going to attend is very important. Occasion could be a meeting, reunion, last day, to tell complaints, to take notes etc.(all are about school) Now, it seems clear that occasion is the most important of all of them. Knowing it puts clarity in our decision.

Some situations are those which only fits in one of these three like an emergency situation. Here, you can wear anything as dress code doesn’t matter in this.

This is an awesome and is very helpful in choosing a perfect dress not while buying them but while wearing them. Share this trick if you liked it and subscribe us for more of such content. This is Atul and you are at expeknow.

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