Hey gentlemen. In a day, we feel lots of feelings that changes our attitude towards someone. Situations changes our feelings, feelings changes our moods and moods changes our behaviour. Change in situations can’t be controlled by us directly so why not to control our feelings like anger. So today, let’s learn a simple way to control the hottest feeling, the anger in expe-know style.

Anger is like a strong wind that comes and goes away in seconds. The trick that I am gonna tell you (Which I also use) is not the type of trick that can give you magical powers to control your anger, it is just a simple trick that can change your feeling for some time and can give you some time to control yourself from being carried away.

Now, let’s come to the point. So, the trick that I use is to change or control my anger is to “suddenly ask myself a stupid question and laugh at myself.” Yeah, you read it right. Anger is just a sudden change of our feelings which can be changed with this simple trick.

Suppose you have been asking for food from your brother and your brother is giving the food to everyone except you. Now, how will you feel? Angry, right? Now, what will happen if you will, (On that time) without saying anything to him, ask yourself a stupid question like “Who took the cookies from the cookie jar“? You will answer in a stupid way in your mind and you will start thinking about something else. The anger won’t go away. It would still be there but in a very low amount that you can control easily.

This is it. I use this trick every time when I feel anger, frustration, anxiety etc. This trick really works. Just remember to change the question with another stupid question and you are all set.

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