Hey guys!!! From few weeks, I have been trying to attract girls and create sexual abundance (Like I said in my previous blog on having multiple relationships) and while doing all this, I got to learn something very new. The thing I got to learn is related how to have sexual abundance even if you aren’t that good looking. So today, Let’s learn a simple, yet powerful, mindset shift that can create sexual abundance for you in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Personally, I am not that good looking and charismatic around girls. I am really shy around them so dating girls for me is like breaking a stone with my hands. I started this all dating scene just few weeks back. I met a girl and asked her some questions like what type of guys she likes, what’s her age and where does she live. I didn’t proposed her but she got the feelings of mine and said that she was she was in a relationship. This was a heart breaking thing for me. Listening “No.” from the first girl you have approached is really hard.

Just after all that, I thought whom should I date now? When I looked around, I saw that there is no girl around me who is good looking and isn’t committed. Since my whole purpose to go into these things is to create sexual abundance, I felt really amazed. I thought why don’t I have girls around me to date? I analysed the situation again and got this thing that “We all are trying to date beauty. If not even all, then most.”

Answer them:

  1. How many beautiful girls do you see in a day?
  2. How many of them can you date?
  3. How many of them can say “Yes“?

If you will answer these questions, you will notice that you have very few options. With only few options, how can you create sexual abundance? What’s the point in going into relationships if the girl you are dating is the only girl you can date? This “only girl I can date who is of my type” gives a lot of pain after break-up. If the girl you are dating is the only girl you can get then don’t go into relationships. You have to have abundance in order to not ruin your life after break-up.

So how can we have sexual abundance? It’s simple, “Trying not to go into relationships just because the girl is beautiful.” The definition of beauty has changed now. It’s now known as how pretty do you look and what clothes do you wear. If you can just control this tendency to get the girl just because she is pretty, you can have sexual abundance easily.

Now, answer them:

  1. How many girls are there in your area of your age?
  2. How many are single?
  3. How many will say “Yes“?

Just answer these three questions and this time, include every girl you see around you. You will see that there are already a lot of girls you can have relationship with.

Most of the girls in society don’t get proposed by guys just because they aren’t beautiful. And you know what? Most of them are actually beautiful girls. You can take advantage of this thing. Have relationship with the girl who doesn’t get proposed usually and you can have relationship easily.

We all run after looks. Even though we won’t accept it consciously, at the back of our mind, we do. We just love beauty. When we get into relationship with a beautiful girl, we smile but when she leaves us, we cry like hell. The problem with boys is that they don’t understand that the girl they think is best for them is actually not best for them. Boys are actually into this trap of beauty which girls use very mindfully.

Beauty can be built easily by time and care but mind and intelligence can’t be built in a day. A girl who is intelligent, who understands you, who guides you, who supports you in your purpose is far more better then the girl who just loves her beauty and treats you like shit. If you want to have multiple relationship experience (Read the blog on this topic here), you must not run after looks. Start from dating girls who don’t get proposed, then those you usually don’t get proposed, then those who moderately get proposed, then those who get proposed often and then the girl of your dreams.

This way, you can have multiple relationship experience and if you know what’s in the menu, you can actually choose better life partners. Choosing life partner is not something that should not be done by your parents, it should be done by you because You know You more then they know You.

To conclude:

1. Learn not to run after looks.
2. Have multiple relationship experience.
3. Don’t date the only girl you can date.
4. Try to see something greater then the beauty in a girl.

Alright, the lecture is over. I hope you learnt something new. You can comment anything you want. Like this post. Share it if you want and subscribe to my newsletter for getting these awesome blogs right into your inbox. Learn to have multiple relationship experience. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow!

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