In today’s world people are totally busy with their personal works. Everyone is busy with its task whether it’s of their school, college, workplace, home, society, civilization etc. We do lots of tasks in a day and at the end we get stress when we do lots of work at once. It is common but dangerous and harmful feeling for us. Let’s find out how to deal with the most famous, sexiest, hottest, dangerous feeling ‘STRESS‘.

What will you answer if I would ask you to define stress? I may define it as a feeling which we get after getting lots of tasks with a particular time to finish them (which is usually not sufficient). Stress can be defined as a feeling of pressure or strain. Whatever the stress is, at a point we all can say that stress is just a feeling that has its existence only in our brain. Yes, as like every other feelings, stress is just a feeling that doesn’t have any existence in our world. Stress and any other feeling is just the result of our beliefs and our experiences. (I will soon make a specific article on this topic.) People just build the feelings by thier past experiences. If you have a fear of Ghosts, you will be frightened at night. If you have a fear of hight, you will be frightened to go at the roof. Same like this if you have a fear of getting lots of work you will feel stressed when you will get it because you’d be knowing that you won’t be able to finish this in time.

Now, Think about your chilhood, did you have any fear, tension or shyness in you? No, you just had the feeling of happiness and the fear of strangers. Now think how many feelings do you feel now? I am sure it would be more then your previous one.

We add feelings in our brain in every part of our life but again it’s upon you what to take as reality and what to not. For understanding it better think of a person who always stays happy no matter what the situation is. It could be anyone but these people are real and if you would ask them the reason behind it they would directly or indirectly will say you that they don’t believe in stress. These people just enjoy the present without any problem or stress.

You would have surely felt stress in your life. So let’s discuss the way to deal with it.

Stress is nothing. It’s just a believe that we have in our subconscious mind. Stress can’t be dangerous if one knows how to deal with it. For dealing with stress you should know when it comes and I am damn sure you’d be knowing that whenever we get a lot of work, an unsolvable problem or something that we can’t do but we have to do in a limited time we get stress. The most effective explanation to deal with stress could be that ‘if you want to deal with stress and live a happier life you should lower your tolerance‘. This definately looks something opposite to what we have been taught but it’s the truth. People with extremely high levels of stress tolerance might end up with a stress related heart attack before they begin to pay attention to what the stress is telling them. As you that upto 75% of the diseases are stress made so, you should definitely know how to cope up with it.

Suppose you have got an urgent work that should be done till the midnight. Now, you would act like one of them –

1. If you have a high level of stress tolerance you would say that I would start doing this work after one or two hours.

2. If you have a low level of stress tolerance you will take that work seriously and start working towards it on the spot.

In the first situation you are just increasing your stress by postponing your work. As you will start that work after one or two hours you will see that you have very less time and end up building a big amount of stress for you.

In the second situation you may not be able to enjoy your life or give yourself rest at first but you will make your relationship more strong, you will not create stress for you, you will be able to complete the work on time and at the end you will get the happiness of accomplishment.

The decision is always yours. You should not wait for the perfect time make the time perfect. If you will focus on your stress you will get that your stress is something that doesn’t come to bother you or to make you unhappy instead, your stress is like an indicator that tells you that you should start a particular work. Your stress first comes with a low warning but as the time passes it becomes higher and higher and you know what happens next. So always try to read your stress and try to vanish them as soon as possible by finishing your work. This will give you a happier and stress-free life.

I know that it won’t work in all the situations of your life but it can work in most of them or at least one of them. If this article has helped you to deal with any problem in your life please bookmark and follow us.

So friends, this is all for today. I hope you liked it, if not then please tell me where can I improve myself. I need your support. I hope you would help me. Till then stay stress-free and never forget you can deal with your stress.

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