Hey guys!!! It takes several days to build a habit. A habit is a repetition of same activity again and again after a particular time. Habit can either be good or bad but that’s not the point. The point is to know how to break a habit because we all have some bad habits. So, without any further information let’s get into it.

A bad habit could be anything like eating fast food, not brushing twice a day, not studying in school, watching TV for hours etc. Everyone has bad habits that impacts on thier life and health. To break a bad habit for self betterment we should know what a bad habit is. A bad habit is the repetition of same activity again and again after a particular time that has negative impacts on our health, peace, mindset, economy, future, daily life, lifestyle etc. So, what should you do to break a bad habit?

So, for breaking a bad habit what you have to do is to just “BE CURIOUS TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ITS IMPACT ON YOU.” Yes, this is the easiest way to break a habit.

For example let’s say that you have a bad habit of not brushing your teeth twice a day. What will you do to break that habit? You will surely start brushing your teeth twice but unfortunately you will start losing your motivation day by day and at last you will end up leaving that particular habit you adopted just before some days.

If you will think about it again so you will get that you didn’t had any motivation and knowledge or just a reason to continue that particular habit. What if you had a reason to continue that habit? If you want to continue a good habit or break a bad habit you must be aware of the results of continuing that habit and quitting that habit. Now, suppose you want to start brushing twice a day but before starting that you searched the benefits of doing that and the benefits of not doing that. Think what will happen after that? After knowing these things you will eventually start brushing your teeth twice a day without losing your motivation.

Remember that your mind is totally afraid of any loss. For instance, losing 100 dollars is more painful than the happiness of getting 100 dollars. So, when you will search the impacts of your bad habit, try to search all a the negative ones so that your mind can be tricked. Now, I know that this won’t work always so for best results think about why are you starting it and when will you end it. Give the answers to yourself twice and write It on a paper from where you could read it easily. Make a short term goal and try to achieve it. The most thing in breaking your habits would just be a ‘WHY’. You must search for a strong reason to eliminate a bad habit and you are done.

So up to the end, for breaking a bad habit you must be curious to know the results of either doing or not doing that activity and you must find a strong reason to eliminate that bad habit.

I hope you will use it. This is a great trick that has helped me to break a bad habit so don’t forget to give it a try. Break a leg of bad habits and never forget YOU ARE WONDERFUL.

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