Hey guys!!! We all want to be an interesting person. A person with whome everyone can have a chat. A person who is interesting and who knows what we want to talk about. No one wants to hear you, people want to hear themselves. They want to talk about their problems, interests and their things. No one wants to hear someone else. We just pretend to listen but we actually don’t listen now. In this world full of people having bad communication skills, how can you be better? How can you be interesting and learn to listen. Today, let’s learn an easy way to be interesting and have better communication with people in our favourite, Expeknow style!

If you will observe, you will see that everyone around you is finding validation and acceptance from people. I have seen it almost everywhere. Whenever people talk, you will see that there would always be a person who just doesn’t listen to anyone and just throw his comments. Even if someone cuts him, he just pretends to listen and starts saying his thing again. No one matters to him. He just throw his ideas on people and doesn’t listen to anyone.

This is what we call a bad communication. A communication where only one gets chance to speak. So, in this situation, what you can do to be different then others is to start giving attention to what others are saying. Hold your thoughts and let them speak. This is something I’ve been using from months and I have made several friends just because of this simple thing. Try to listen and give validation to what the other person is speaking. Don’t interrupt or stop him ever. Let him speak whatever he wants and don’t disagree with everything. Try to make the other person superior and try to make them feel smart.

Whenever I talk to someone new, I always listen to whatever they are saying, I don’t judge them or say them that they are wrong, I don’t stop them, I let them be whatever they want to be, I encourage them and be less smarter then them. This makes it very easy for them to get attention and it builds a friendship between us. People want to be heard but they don’t usually get chance to be heard. Give them this chance, make yourself inferior for a bit, let them be superior and you will notice that they will talk to you more.

It’s a great strategy to make friends easily. I’ve been using it and I have made several friends just because of it. You may, at times, feel that no one is listening you but once you have build friendship with several people, you can choose the one with whome you would like to make better relation and this validation thing of yours will automatically come to you. Now, this may not work for you always so beware that you will have to be flexible according to the situation. You will have to adapt and learn this by try and error method. There is no other way. After building the connection, the relation between you both will be determined by your next steps. this is a great strategy for making connections with strangers but this somehow is not for making best friends.

Also, you can learn about different things to be Interesting. So suppose, you met a girl and you want to make her your friend. How will you make her your friend? The easiest way is to share something you have in common. Like, if she likes to watch sports, you can learn about sports and talk to her. Make her feel the intelligent girl. Let her tell you the facts and listen to her. Try to make her feel valued and you will get her friendship.

People like to talk about things they know. If you don’t know what they know, you may end up making your connections bad. So, try to have knowledge about every field. Atleast most common ones. Try to learn atleast something about everything so that you can make people feel intelligent and get their attention. I’ve used it and now it’s your turn.

This is it. I hope you got my point. I would love to hear your thoughts on this one. Drop a like. Share it with the one who needs it. Subscribe to my newsletter for bringing a smile on my face. Try to make people feel smarter. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow!

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