How to learn fast, right?

The simple answer is that the more you spend time with a book, the more you tend to remember it.

Sounds very logical but it’s very important to understand it.

People say practice. The more you practice something, the more you become better at it.

The problem with this, however, is first, it’s very common to hear so people don’t implement it and second, it forces you to work, the only thing we don’t wanna do.

Let’s see this from the new perspective which is “Time“.

You have seen this everywhere. See a gamer, singer, dancer, journalist, writer, speaker, teacher, poet, salesman, manager, actor, director, anyone.

People become better because they give time to a particular subject.

Of course, time means practice but time is the first thing you have to invest.

Moreover, time doesn’t sound as tiring as practice so it also sounds new as compared to practice.

Coming to the point, you have to give time to a single thing for a long period of time in order to be good at it.

Let’s take maths for instance. People say practice, let us say time. We give time to maths.

Time includes practice but it doesn’t focus on hardcore practice. When you say give time, your emphasis on giving time. When people give them, they automatically practice so they don’t have to force to practice now.

Also, if you focus on practice and constantly fail at practice then you lose motivation because your whole focus was on practice and it’s results. When you shift to time, you don’t take care of failing because even when you fail, you are still giving time.

And with the proper amount of time and a little observation, you will soon start seeing a pattern and become better.

This sounds confusing but it is a good way to see things. Give them your time and you will attain the mastery.

People don’t become great overnight. They spend time, fail, practice, learn, unlearn, imitate, create, experiment and then they become great.

There is so much that people give to be great and one common thing among all is time.

Everyone who is great has given time to that skill. Don’t search how to learn by spending less time, seek to learn by spending time.

So let’s be clear, if we want to be good at something, we give our time to it. We aren’t going to search ‘how to learn fast’, we will search ‘how to spend more time with anything’

We spend our time and energy. No matter if we fail, time is what we focus on. Understood?

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See you guys later!

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