Hey guys!!! Having sexual abundance is really important in life. If you have multiple options in opposite sex, you tend to make better choices while going into relationships and relationships don’t ruin your life. While looking for girls to date, some of us don’t get any options. We don’t get the way to meet new girls. So today, let’s learn about some simple ways you can meet new girls in our favourite, Expeknow style!

New girls can be found through different ways. I am going to tell you some very simple ways to meet new girls because people sometimes underestimate these things. So, let me quickly tell you 4 possible ways to meet new girls:

1. Social circle: Your friends and their friends create a very big circle of people. Try to talk to every girl and guy in your social circle. No matter who the girl or guy is, try to build a friendship with all of them. 95% of the relationships start this way. Even mine has started this way. I just started talking to every girl I have seen atleast thrice. It doesn’t matter what you talk, just be humourous and friendly. Don’t get stuck in your boys circle. It may be cool but it can’t be everything. Just try to be attentive. Talk to every girl and make them friends. Maybe the girl who you thought was very ugly had the great personality. So, be ready to talk to girls tomorrow.

2. Online Dating Platforms: Though I have criticized this in my previous blog (read it here), I still recommend it because it is very popular these days. If you have confidence to talk to random girls so definitely try this one. Make a profile on any online dating platform and meet some new girls. This can help you meet new girls. Be careful while setting up your profiles on these online platforms as your profile will be your first impression and you may be knowing that first impressions are the last impressions.

3. Cold approach: Well, for this one, you need heart of steel because this method is approaching random girls on public places for friendships. Personally, I would recommend you to try this one out but not in your locality. This can boost your confidence and the girls don’t even know you so you won’t even lose anything. It’s a win win game if you have played it well. If you approach random girls, you will learn what line works and what not, how first impressions play a huge role, how girls are manipulated and how to deal with rejection.

4. Public visibility: Try to be popular in your area. Girls love popular guys. Indulge in some works where you can rise and be popular. It can be a presentation, a speech, some NGO work, temple, club, coachings or anything. Just be popular in your locality to attract girls and then date them. If you are popular at a place, your confidence increases automatically and that confidence will help you talk to girls which can help you date new girls. So, make sure to use this if you want to have girls to date.

These are 4 ways from which you can meet new girls. These are practical so follow them if you want to. Try to follow any 1 of them and be truly focused on that point. Focusing on all would take your a lot of time and a lot of guys are doing same so, try to focus on any 1 point and meet some new girls.

Even after meeting new girls, there are things that you have to take care of if you want to keep her attracted in you. These things are texting, communication, neediness, approach anxiety, not leading etc. You can attract girls but if you have bad texting or communication skills, you will fail in relationships. I’ll talk about these in another blog.

Try to focus on these areas too because all these things make a net which catches the fish for you. Lack of these skills represent holes in your net. The more skills you lack, the more holes you will have in your net and the less fish you will catch. So, work on all of these things to build a great net so that whenever you throw that net on the sea, you get maximum amount of fish.

To conclude:

1. Meeting new girls is easy and it just requires some time and efforts.
2. You can meet new girls through social circle, online dating, cold approach and public visibility.
3. Even after finding a girl, keeping her interested in you also requires some work so try to focus on that too.

Alright, this is it. I hope you got all the 4 ways. Give this blog a big like and comment anything you have to say. Subscribe to our newsletter for more of such content. Learn to meet new girls and create sexual abundance. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow!

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