Hey guys!!! Life is very complex. We can’t just define anyone’s life in few sentences. There are a lot of aspects that make a life complicated. Even a slight change in one’s behaviour can change the whole day of one’s life. In this very complicated life, we are often left with disappointments and sadness of not happening something the way we wanted it to happen. So today, let’s learn a new way to look into circumstances in our favourite, Expeknow style.

We all make expectations and assumptions of how our life incidents should be. We all have made assumptions of how our first proposal would go or how our first interview would go or how our first day at college would be. The sad part is that we don’t usually get what we have expected. This is what makes our life so complicated. Unless you are a god, you won’t be able to guess what could possibly happen in next situation.

In this world of unexpected outcomes, how can we become happy? How can we just accept everything that happens to us? How can we say “whatever happens, happens for good“? How can we not become disappointed with whatever happens to us?

The answer to these questions would be to just accept everything that happens. It might be very painful at times but if you can just learn this simple skill, you can really get detached from your surroundings. Just find what’s good in it and focus on that. Focus on rewards not on loss.

Suppose you have an interview today and you are not being able to find your formal dress. Now, how would you react to that situation? Well, one who find mistakes would surely blame everyone for doing this. He would just play the role of a victim and put the blame on others. He would just find all the bad possible outcomes that could occur just because of this latency.

Now, on the other hand, a person who is positive will take the responsibility. He would learn to be ready for any occasion in advance. He would find all the good possibilities he can create with this latency.

You might think what good possibilities can one think about with this latency? Well, with this latency, he has learnt to be ready for occasions in advance, he would now wear new dress for that interview which will make his impression more good or maybe he would ask for a dress to one of his friends or neighbours that would make his relationship with his friends or neighbours more strong.

It’s all about how you look at situations. Not everything can go according to you. Something has to go wrong and that’s what makes this life very complicated. So, in this complicated world, how would you be happy for everything that happens? The answer is to just accept everything and find what’s good in it. Find what good can you make out of this bad situation. This is how you become mature in life.

To conclude:

1. This life is so complicated. You can’t get everything you have assumed and expected.
2. The best way to get detached from disappointments is to accept whatever happens and find the good in it.
3. You can’t make predictions of your life incidents so try to make less predictions of “how that situation would go“.
4. Learn to find good in bad.
5. Focus on all the good opportunities you can create with this bad situation.

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