Hey guys!!! When it comes to choosing your career path, doubts are certainly not good. Doubts can stop you from choosing your career and they can lead you towards a safe life. A safe life where there are no risks. A life where you become mediocre. So today, let’s learn how to not let doubts kill your dreams in our favorite, Expeknow style.

Doubts are uncertainty. Uncertainty leads towards failure, right? No, they don’t but this is what we have been taught. We all say that you should always choose a certain or a safe path for your career so that you can feed your family. But, Is it all about a family? Is it all about your bills? Is it all about a safe and secure path? Most of the people in this world take a safe and certain path. Most of the population take a secure path and also, most of the population is living a mediocre life. They are doing jobs just to pay their bills. Most people are stuck in a “Rat race”.

The thing is that, everyone has a gift. Everyone has something they are good at. It can be anything. We all want a passion, right? Like, who doesn’t want it but, what if your passion is in front of you. Even if people find their passions, they don’t work towards it because they need a certain passion. A passion where they can have security. Where they are not worried about the money problems. Where they can earn millions easily because they have a passion.

Most people don’t pursue their passion because they weren’t sure if this would even work or not. Doubts play a huge game there. Like, suppose a guy has a passion to consult people. He loves consulting people and giving them answers of real life problems. He know he loves it but he isn’t sure if he would even be able to earn money in his future with this skill. He isn’t sure. So, he asked to people and people filled him with doubts. Like, there are a lot of people doing this, you won’t last longer, you will fail, don’t do this thing, this isn’t a skill to earn money and blah blah blah.

Now, do you think that this guy would be able to pursue his passion. No, he won’t. People filled him with doubts. So he became uncertain about it and went to find a job. He went to study leaving his passion behind and at his last stage of life asking “What would have happened if I would have selected to pursue my passion?”. I think, everyone should ask themselves the same question. What worst could happen? This world isn’t filled with rainbows and butterflies but that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want. The worst is not to struggle but to live and accept mediocrity.

This is the story of most of the people. Doubts break you from the core. Even if you went into a job, what would your life be? A millionaires life? No, you can only give your 100% in something only if you have a love for that work. You should always work towards a thing that you think is your love. Find it and live it. Even if you fail doing that work, you will still be working in a company and you will have something that you know a lot about. You can do job at any phase of your life. Life is about taking charge and being who you are instead of being what people want you to be.

Sorry for being sketchy. I think I am being too off topic. So, to conclude, I would like to suggest all of you guys to atleast give a try to your passion. Give it atleast 1 hour a day. Don’t be like no it won’t work. Don’t have doubts. Have something that no one in this world can do better then you. Sometimes, a small step in a right direction becomes the life changing decision. If you have to be millionaire, start doing things that you love doing. Do them like it’s the only thing you love. Build a love for your work. (I’ll make a blog on this topic).

In simple words, doubts are of two types. One that you have and one that people have on you. If you want to succeed in life, you gotta figure out what doubts you have regarding what you are doing and try to solve them now. Be crystal clear by yourself. Have faith and confidence. Have a long term vision. You can’t clear people’s doubts so clear your own. Be prepared. Don’t share your goals and just make them happen. Don’t let any doubt come in your mind because a doubt can be a huge excuse for your mind to leave everything you have been doing. You must have a strong, positive and clear vision within yourself.

You can’t make people understand your goals. Don’t give a fuck of what people think of you. Don’t please people because there are 7 billion of them. So, here are some quick tips on getting rid of doubts:

1. Surround yourself with positive people. People who are doing work showing determination and are not filled with doubts. Don’t have mediocre friends.

2. Choose friends wisely. You are 25% of your friends. Check it out. You copy your friends so make friends who are positive.

3. Subscribe to positive youtube channels. Read books, see videos and follow millionaires who were once like you.

4. Cut the friends who are negative or who don’t value your time. It’s a rule that if you don’t grow and your friends will grow, they will leave you and if you grow and your Friends don’t, you will leave them and if you both don’t grow, you can’t be friends. No one can be friends in crisis, right?

5. Be positive. Have faith. Program your subconscious. Have faith in your actions and your work. It’s your responsibility. Follow people who fill you will motivation because there are a lot of people who fill you with mediocrity everyday.

Alright, I hope you got the thing I wanted to share. I know I was a bit sketchy. I hope you still liked it. Comment if you have any complaints, suggestions, feedback or a death thread for me.This is it. Subscribe to our newsletter. Will see you in next blog. Remember that doubts kill more dreams then failure ever will. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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