Something BIG“, what can you think after listening this word. Maybe learning how to read someone’s mind, earning more than bill gates, achieving a gold medal in Olympic, dating the hottest girl around, climbing the mountains, being the greatest person or just achieving your dreams. ‘Something big’ is anything that you think is hard to achieve. Often we start to do something big but we always stop doing it by time because we lack confidence. So let’s learn how to start doing something big in ‘Expeknow’ style.

For instance, let’s say you want to learn “how to read someone’s mind”. What will you do first? Probably, you would find some help from YouTube, coaching, teachers, blogs etc.

Now, Suppose someone is ready to teach you but at the very first day the teacher tells you that it will take two and a half years to see the first impact or first result. Now, will you do that work or exercise he would tell you for two and a half years without even getting any getting any specific result.

Fu*k No, even I won’t be able to do those works. Two and a half year is not a pudding, it’s a lot of time. Now, same happens when we work for our life goals or for something very big. We just don’t get any result because we just forget that it’s a long term process which will take time to show results and we end up leavingthat goal. So what can you do in this situation?

There is one thing you can do to in this situation to continue doing your work. “Do the things that can give you instan results.” Yes, when you will get instan results you will get motivation to do that work. In our case the person can learn to read gesture and learn to judge people on someone’s pattern of thinking as that can give him instant results.

This is it. Whether you are rich or poor, you are not born with courage and motivation towards your work. You have to build them by time. I would recommend you to first build your courge and motivation and find your ‘WHY’ so that you can carry on working on your goals. As I have said, for doing something big, just do small stuffs first that can give you instant results and pleasure. If that’s not enough so follow these small tips:

1. Take bath in the morning everyday.
2. Maintain your hygiene level.
3. Find a strong reason for doing your work.
4. Keep your working place and sleeping place apart.
5. Try to see as many hardworking people as possible.
6. Make an achievement table where you can write what to achieve when.
7. Distance yourself from things that distracts you from your goal.
8. Make a time table.
9. Tell your friends and girlfriend to support you and leave you alone as they can be your greatest distraction.
10. Lastly, stop watching TV.

Look, it’s always upon us what to do or what not. If you can make or destroy your life then why not to make it. Remember that if you are getting motivation or positive energy from anything or anyone, just be with that person no matter what.

You goal should be most important thing for you. You are the creater and you are the destroyer. Just do stuff that can help you achieving your goal. Stay positive, stay happy and don’t forget to START DOING SOMETHING BIG.


  1. I am so impressed. I must appreciate your mindfulness. You will be shining like a diamond in the sky.
    The content utters your spontaneous mind and your imagination.
    It’s beyond my imagination.
    Keep writing . Keep growing. keep making others grow.

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