Do you feel the need to know everything? Do you try to learn a lot of new things at once and end up learning nothing?

Well, you know this but I have to say that you can’t know everything.

Sometimes we try to know and learn everything just because people are doing it.

You have to be logical here.

You are trying to learn everything but what good does it do?

Merely knowing that something exists or not, something is right or wrong, something is possible or not is of no use unless you get something out of it.

You should strive to understand one topic rather than to know everything.

Understanding is different than knowing. Former is much deeper than the latter.

Also, You can’t learn everything!

You have to choose one filed to master.

You have to pinpoint it.

Imagine knowing about every subject but not deep enough to actually put your knowledge into any use.

And now imagine understanding one thing so deeply that you can make money out of it easily and put it into greater use.

You have seen people do it. Few people choose this path of mastering one field and their results speak louder than their words.

Some people don’t know how to upload and an Instagram story or how to hack an FB account or how to edit a photo on phone or who are the trending YouTubers online but they understand a single field and with that, they earn a lot more than imagined.

I am not against learning but people should at least focus on one thing more. It’s good to know everything a little but if you don’t master and understand a field you will be easily replaced by someone who does have understanding despite him being completely unaware of other fields.

So, don’t waste your time learning endless irrelevant things. Find a balance. Give your most time to one subject but also learn new things.

The thing is to give priority to working on one thing and if you still have time then go learn something new.

Just don’t fool yourself by trying to know everything. You just can’t. Even if you can, it won’t be of much use.

Don’t try to be an exception. Try to think rationally. There is always something that you won’t know. So, plan your time. Manage your life. Give priority to at least one thing. Put hours every day into one thing. Then go to other things if you feel like.

You should have something which can justify your not knowing of the other thing.

With that said, see you again!

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