Hey guys!!! Growth in life can be achieved at any stage. Like I said in my previous blog, “You are not who you think you are, you are who you choose to be.” This is really powerful as you can change your life with this principle. So, how do you think you should start changing your life? On macro or micro level? Most people start changing their life from macro level without even focusing on micro level. So today, let’s learn how to start growing in our life in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Suppose you have two TV screens. One has very big pixels and can show very few colours. This display has very good durability. Second display has a lot of pixels as compared to the first display and this one can show more colours than the first one. The problem is that, this screen doesn’t have durability.

Now, suppose you are using the first display. You turned on your TV and there comes a very bad quality outcome of pictures. The first display shows very low quality videos even though the input was high quality. Overall, this display has durability more than the second one but this display can’t show high quality images.

Then, you chose second display and used it. You turned on your TV and even though the input was bad, this screen made that bad input into high quality output. Though it doesn’t have durability, it has more pixels which gives it power to show pictures with high quality. Give this display a low quality input and it will show you the highest quality output possible.

Now, what would you choose? Obviously, you would choose the second display as long as you are not a robot and play with TVs (Bad joke!). What makes both of them different is their growth. I know this term wouldn’t be good to use it on TV screens but let’s use it.

The first display had very good macro level growth. This one is more durable than the second one. On the other hand, the second display has micro level growth but not macro level growth. This is not durable but this one can project high quality output.

Same is true with people. Most people are either grown up on macro level or micro level. There are very few who has developed both. Development in life starts from micro to macro not macro to micro. This is what most people underestimate.

Growing on micro level means working on your hygiene, behaviour, dressing sense, looks, appearance, words, language, communication, confidence, etc. These things give you instant growth. If you speak politely, have better body smell, dress nicely, have nice haircut, behave in positive way, talk to everyone, take care of your hygeine, you get recognised by people and people preserve you as a grown up man.

Whereas macro level growth means to have a purpose and vision for your life. This means to have a sense of completeness, maturity, positivity, optimism, humour, responsibility etc. These things can’t be developed easily. One who has all these qualities rise easily but not quickly.

Suppose there is a person who has macro level growth. He has developed every macro level quality but didn’t focus on his micro level growth. Thus, this person doesn’t know how to behave socially, how to dress properly, how to speak, how to talk, etc.

Now, let’s take a person who has grown up on micro level. He has rich micro level qualities. He knows how to maintain himself but he doesn’t have macro level growth. He lacks purpose and positivity but he can talk to anyone.

Who do you think will be best for your life? A micro or a macro person? Well, I think, both can be wrong. A person who doesn’t know how to behave but knows his purpose is equal to the person who knows how to behave anywhere but doesn’t have a purpose. Both the guys will win and lose somewhere in life because this life is so complicated. Even a single quality admired by your boss can give you a promotion.

To grow in life, what you must do is to start growing on micro level. Fix your small life problems like communication, motivation, hygiene, appearance, confidence etc. Then, fix your macro level growth like have purpose, passion, knowledge, goals etc. Start from the smallest possible change you can make RIGHT NOW!

It may take years to build both of the levels but once they are built, you can create amazing results. I have a friend who has micro level skills but lacks macro level skills. As I have seen, he isn’t growing in his life. Whereas, I am a person who has macro level skills but I lack in micro level. As I have observed, I am also not growing much in my life.

So, what I am doing is to develop myself on micro level too. Everyday I do something to upgrade myself on micro level. So that way I am developing on micro as well as on macro level. This is how you should also grow in your life.

Life is too complicated. There are a lot of things to work on. If you divide them into small goals, you will achieve your goals faster. Try to make a list of all the macro level skills and micro level skills. You should not just focus on screen’s durability, you should also focus on the pixels of your life. Your pixels are what gives you clarity and your durability is what makes you strong. So, try to focus on both if you want to succeed on long term.

To conclude:

1. Micro level qualities are good hygiene, behaviour, dressing sense, looks, appearance, words, language, communication, confidence, etc.
2. Macro level qualities are maturity, positivity, humour, sense of purpose, passion, responsibility, duty etc.
3. Growing on macro level is equally important as micro level.
4. In life, you should start growing from micro to macro level. If small pixels are fixed, you can improve the durability easily.
5. For long term success, try to work on micro as well as on macro level skills.

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