Hey guys!!! Though I have talked about “having multiple relationship experience” in my previous blogs, I would like to share some things that I think poeple underestimate when going into relationships. Relationships are not as good as we think they are. They can be very dangerous at times. So today, let’s learn about the negative side of relationships in our favourite, Expeknow style.

Suppose today, you went into a party. The party has some weird flavoured cakes. Cakes look like real cakes but half of the cakes in the party taste like poop. Half are real and half are poop shaped like cake. Now, since you have come into this party, you have to eat a cake. The choice is yours. The cake would either be poop or the cake. What would you do? Yes. You got this right. You will leave the party as soon as possible.

Well, relationships are just like that. They are a cake which can either taste sweet or like shit. The party you are attending is your urges. Either you go with your urges and get into a shitty or good relationship and destroy your life or you control your urges and leave the party. Relationships are not something that movies show us. They can be really shitty at times. They can even destroy your whole life if we don’t control them.

Just see around you and you will see a lot of people who had a lot of potential in them but just because of choosing to eat the cake, they destroyed their life. Those who survived will continue dating because they have got the taste of cake but those who haven’t survived and eaten poop, have destroyed their life. So, If you are going into a relationships just because you want to have that cute movie like relationships then my friend, you are living in a god damn imagination world.

In reality, there are a lot of problems that come into relationships. It’s not a piece of cake. It takes real emotional labour to run a relationship successfully. It can also ruin your life. Don’t believe me? Ask to people who are in their 30s and they will narrate a great story of their breakup.

A good relationship is the relationship where you don’t feel like you aren’t being authentic. A relationship is about showing your true self to someone. You can’t share everything to your parents. Sometimes you just need someone with whom you can be who you are. You can’t be who you are in front of the only girl you can date. You should always have a replacement for your partner. No matter how good the relationship is. You shouldn’t be like if this person has left, you are screwed.

A relationship can damage a man’s life easily. A lot of men nowadays don’t know how to talk to girls and flirt with them. They don’t create sexual abundance and when they finally get into a relationship by doing a lot of hardwork, they damage their life. In a relationship where you can’t replace your partner for any reason, you try to be polite with them and do as they want you to do so that they can be with you. This is known as neediness of a partner. In relationships, neediness is a huge turn off. You can’t stay with a for long if he/she has neediness issues like: love, companionship, sex, validation, approval etc.

You just be who they want you to be in a relationship where you need something from the other person. This co dependent relationship doesn’t last longer. Girls smell this neediness very easily. That’s one of the reasons why girls be with bad guys. Because bad guys don’t change themselves for a girl. They don’t be the nice guy.

So if you are a guy, before going into relationships, learn to deal with feelings that come after break-up since breakup will definitely happen to you once in life. Most guys don’t be emotionally stable and ruin their life after break-up. You must understand that this is not the only girl you can date. If this is so then don’t date her.

To conclude:

1. Relationships are like cakes which can either taste like cakes or poop.
2. Relationships are not as good as media shows they are.
3. A good relationship is about being authentic with a person.
4. You shouldn’t date the only girl you can date because that can stop you from being authentic in relationships.
5. Neediness in a relationship is a huge turn-off.
6. Be emotionally stable before going into relationships.
7. Learn to deal with break-up feelings before going into any relationship.

Alright, the lecture is over. I hope you liked it. I know it was a mixed blog. I didn’t organised this much. I just wrote whatever came into my mind. So, if you didn’t get anything, make sure to comment. Share it if you want. Subscribe to my newsletter for me. It really motivates me a lot. Like this post. Understand relationships at a deeper level. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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