Hey guys!!! Ending your life is not at all a good idea. It is one of the dumbest things one can do in the entire world. I won’t use some motivational lines to stop you from ending your life, I am going to tell you a lot of different things you could do before taking the dumbest move on this world. So let’s get started in our favorite, Expeknow style.

We sometimes feel like there is nothing left in this world, there is nothing in our life, our life is useless now, we lost everything we had, etc. I have felt this feeling when I had my first suicidal thoughts. They were pretty hard to manage but I survived and observed that there are millions of things we can try doing before ending our life.

Here are a few things you can consider doing before suiciding:

Using all your money on your dream project or using all your money on buying all the things you wish you had. Selling all your expensive accessories and using all the money for leisure. Going somewhere alone with all your money. Proposing your crushes for the last time to see if they still like you.

Talking to everyone you have ever loved for the last time. Telling your friends everything you have faced that lead you here. Going on a small trip with some savings without any tension. Trying out all the junk foods sold in your territory. Giving all your money to those who need it.

Going for a long walk in nature. Visiting your favorite place or meeting your favorite person for last time. Wasting your whole day without doing anything. Speaking out everything that’s been bothering you loudly in an empty place or with someone.

Watching some motivational movies or videos. Seeing your mirror image and accepting that you have survived till here so you can’t die now. Downloading all your “favorite” videos from the internet.

Not only these, think about every childish thing you wanted to do in your life or every desire you ever had. Write them down when you feel low and see how much is left there before closing your eyes forever.

You see, there are several things you can do before ending your life. Now, some of these things might seem irrelevant or dumb but some might be a lifesaver for someone.

When you think about ending your life, maybe just shifting your focus can help you see on the other side. I don’t know how this blog is gonna perform but I hope that it helps you see all the amazing things left in your life that you can try doing.

Sometimes, you just need a break from your life. This life isn’t about dying for something that means nothing. Life is about living for something that is everything.

Alright, this is it. I hope you enjoyed it. Write something in comments. Like this post. Subscribe to my newsletter and make sure to try everything out before ending everything. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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