Hey guys!!! Power can corrupt anyone that’s why uncle Ben said to spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” This philosophy is really simple and applicable in our world too. In this era of technology, everyone has got powers without realising its responsibilities so today, let’s learn how with every power comes a great responsibility in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Every power has its pros and cons. Take a smartphone for an example. A smartphone can connect you with several people at a time. It can give you information and let you click pictures. There are a lot of powers that come with a smartphone but with those powers come some responsibilities.

Some responsibilities of a smartphone are: To charge the phone with proper charger, using it with proper care, not getting addicted to it, not using it everytime and so on. Similarly, a facebook account can let you connect with your old friends and share your memories with people but you also have to take care that you don’t use it always or get addicted to the number of likes on your post.

Take any thing and examine its advantages and disadvantages. These advantages are powers and disadvantages are responsibilities. I see people criticizing Instagram a lot for changing our psychology but if we can just understand the powers and responsibilities that come with Instagram, we can understand it on a better level.

Instagram can help you see your favourite actor’s picture and it can help you share your life incidents and let you see what other people are doing but with these powers, you also have to take care that you don’t use it often or get addicted to the number of likes on your post or not use it just for entertainment purpose.

You have got a body and a brain. With these you can do anything. You can learn any skill and be world class at it but with these powers come a responsibility to take care of your health and psychology. Similarly, even your shirts have some powers and responsibilities. They can protect you from cold and dust outside but you also have to clean them and take their proper care.

Powers and responsibilities are everywhere and in everything. Just look around you and you will see that everything you see gives you some powers and responsibilities. These responsibilities that come with powers are not Important to follow since they don’t harm us much.

Since they are not important to follow, people usually don’t follow them and they choose the easy path of not following any responsibilities. They use every power according to their will and this is what makes the difference between a mature and a normal guy.

Following a responsibility is what makes the difference. People who are highly effective and successful know that every power has its responsibilities. Following the responsibilities that come with a power is what makes the power more powerful.

Let’s say you want a smartphone. If you really want to have it, you should examine all the powers and responsibilities that come along with a smartphone. If you are ready to follow all the responsibilities, you are ready to have a smartphone. Same is true with everything. If you want to have anything in your life, examine its powers and responsibilities and be ready to follow the responsibilities.

So, I think now you know that this “Power and responsibilities” concept is applicable in our world too. Everything has its powers and responsibilities. Now, I want you to think about everything with this concept. When someone criticises something (like a smartphone, internet, social media etc.), try to tell them about this concept to learn about things on a better level. Nothing in this world is bad or good. It’s just how you see it is.

To conclude:

1. Every power comes with some responsibilities.
2. Power can corrupt anyone if it’s not used by following its responsibilities.
3. Everything we see gives us some powers and responsibilities that we have to follow.
4. Examining these powers and responsibilities of something gives us better understanding of the thing.
5. Following the responsibilities that come with a power makes the power more powerful.
6. If you want anything new in your life, find all the responsibilities that come with that thing and be ready to follow all of them.
7. The”Power and Responsibilities” concept can be used everywhere for better understanding of things.

Alright, I hope you got this concept. This can be used almost anywhere on anything. No Matter how small the thing is. So, try to learn it and use it. Like this post and subscribe to our newsletter for getting these awesome blogs in your beautiful inbox. With great power comes great responsibility. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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