Hey guys!!! People often think that success is just a matter of luck or money or some hardly learnt skills but in reality success can be achieved by the way you live your life everyday. Success is not hard to achieve if one knows what makes someone successful and how to succeed in life. So today, let’s learn the four levels of success or accomplishment that an individual can accomplish at in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Level one: Survival

At this level one has a conscious or unconscious desire to remain at the current level of achievement in his/her life. This means that the person does not do anything to expand his knowledge and skills in his profession. It is like staying at one position without moving anywhere.

For instance, let’s take a person who is a cricket coach. This person has some specific skills and knowledge related to cricket that he teaches to his students. He doesn’t have any desire and doesn’t make any effort to upgrade his skills to a new level or even polish them for new students. He is happy with his current position. This situation is known as Survival in real world.

Level two: Growth

It is a horizontal expansion at the same level of capacity and achievement. It is like upgrading skill and knowledge in a specific field. In this situation you are upgrading yourself only in a specific field that’s why it is horizontal. Growth can also be known as coming out of Survival.

In our example, At this level the coach will try to learn more about what he is teaching through different people. He will reread everything he currently knows to make sure there isn’t anything that he doesn’t know. He will try to learn some latest things and skills to use in his work place. This is like polishing everything you currently know.

Level three: Development

It is an expansion to a higher level of achievement. For this thing one must learn some new skills, acquire new high order knowledge, change its personal attitude, develops a new faith in life, etc. In these examples one is going at a higher level. He/she is not working on a specific field, that’s why it is also known as vertical expansion. It is like growing in every area of your life.

In our example, the coach would learn some new and high order skills. He may learn some new subjects that are out of his course. He may make contact with new and different types of students, make connection with his students and change his attitude towards people. He may even write a book on the basis of knowledge that he has acquired. He may even teach his students some new and different things that are out of course. He may also implement the skills that he has at his work place. So, this is what we call development or expansion in vertical line. In all these instances, the coach is not just developing in his profession, he is developing in his life too.

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Level four: Evolution

This one is hard to explain. So, this is like changing your whole personality. It’s like being a mental and thoughtful person from an emotional person. This requires a whole new level of efforts. This is like being a spiritual person and trying to know the capacities of a human being. Evolution is a really hard thing to accomplish but it gives the greatest reward. For evolution, one must go to the journey of self discovery and must first find his/her purpose of life. In simple words, this one is like changing your whole personality to the point where you no longer recognise your older self. This one is vertical leap to a new plane of capacity and achievement.

In our example, the coach may change his personality from being a person who just teaches his course in an orderly manner to a person who is passionate to teach and emotionally involved with his students. He may also develop some new theories on the basis of his new consciousness, rather than following the existing ideas. He may completely change his attitude towards work and may even use spiritual methods of teaching.

Now, based on the information given above tell me where do you stand (most people are at first level). Think about how can you go to the next level and try to make list to those things. Do you know a person who has changed his level of success? Make contact with them and try to learn the different aspects of thier life. Think how will you do something similar in your life to go to the next level.

To Conclude:

1. There are level of success and achievement that an individual can accomplish at.
2. These levels are known as Survival, Growth, Development and Evolution.
3. To grow in life, one must get out of Survival and change his level of success.
4. To change your level of success, try copying the behaviour of those who have changed their level of success already.

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