Hey guys!!! Truths are bitter. Sometimes they give us happiness and sometimes they take all of our happiness. While studying the Biography of Gautama Buddha, I found something that is really important for us to understand in order to get rid of sufferings. So today, let’s learn something about “The Four Noble Truths” in our favorite, Expeknow style!

The Four Noble Truths were Buddha’s first and most important teachings. They explain the reason of your sufferings and how to cure them. I personally believe that it can be applied everywhere in our life. So, Let me quickly tell you what The Noble Truths are.

1. Life Involves Suffering: Life often in fact almost involves suffering. Everyone has gone through suffering. People can’t ignore sufferings. See around you and you will get that everyone is going through some sufferings. No matter what is your financial situation, life status, relationship etc. Everyone is going through some sufferings.

2. Suffering comes from wants: The reason for this suffering is that we want thing we can not or do not have. Or, more importantly, we become “Attached” to those things. For example: If you want a new phone, that “want” is not a source of suffering. Becoming attached to that “want” is suffering. It’s like we all want money, a lot of money but does that give you suffering? No. Being attached or making that want into your need is what gives you suffering.

3. Stop wanting for stop suffering: The way to cure suffering is to stop wanting. Of course you may say that the better way would be to go and get that thing. But, we can never get everything we want and the more we have, the more we want. This is something deep. Even the richest person on the planet wants something. It can be a healthy relationship, money, companionship, health, love, peace, happiness etc. It can be in any form. So, once you stop wanting things, you become fulfilled with yourself.

4. The “Noble Eightfold Path: Buddha said that the way to stop wanting is to follow the Noble Eightfold Path. This focuses on not changing things around us, but instead it focuses on changing our own mind on how we view things. In a more explained manner, “The Noble Eightfold Path” is focused on having the Right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration.

This is it, I hope you got The Four Noble Truths taught by Buddha. I didn’t get deeper into understanding every point because that would make this blog very long. You can search about more of it in Google. Next blog is going to be about “The Noble Eightfold Path” so, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for notifications. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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