Hey guys!!! Learning is a life long process. We learn from different people in our life. Most people admit that they only learn from schools so what they are, is made by schools and colleges. Is that right? Well, I used to think it is but it isn’t. There are actually 4 teachers in our life who directly or indirectly teaches us the way of living. So today, let’s learn about the 4 teachers of our life in our favorite, Expeknow style.

I am not gonna waste your time so for those who don’t know what teachers am I talking about, I am talking about the teachers who teach us the way of living life not the way to study something (I know you knew it, I just wanted to make a paragraph:). Every Teacher I am talking about teaches you 25% about what life is. So, 25% * 4 = 100%. See, I can calculate. So, the four teachers of life are,

1. Teachers: I know this is obvious but Teachers are the first teachers of our life (pretty confusing, right?). We learn a lot of things from them. We learn the way to learn which is the most important skill of life. Also, they are the one who teach us to speak, read and learn things. I think the life is nothing without a teacher. They make us Hero from Zero.

2. Friends and Family: They are our second teachers. We actually can’t change our family but we can change our friends. We copy the behaviour of the people who are seen most with us. So, don’t you think that how your friends/family behave and how they live their life impacts your life? Well, this is the reason why I don’t make friends in a large quantity. I talk and stick with only those who are positive and determined to something in life. I would suggest you to look at your friends and see how many of them are actually benefiting you in your life. Not financially, but psychologically. Choose friends wisely. Don’t just have the quantity, have quality. As far as it comes to family, I would suggest you to have a clarity and vision in your mind about your life. This is really powerful to conquer with negative and toxic people.

3. Time: Time is the greatest teacher. Even if you don’t know how to walk, time will teach you this. Time teaches us to Trust, Believe, have faith, love, care, positivity, future plans and list doesn’t end. Time also teaches us to heal and get ready for another fight. Time gives experience and experience gives knowledge and knowledge makes you powerful in life. Even if you don’t study, time will teach you to study on time (again confusion!). This is clear that time is the greatest teacher of our life.

4.You: Yes, you also learn by yourself. You learn by yourself by making choices for yourself. This is called choice. The coices you make in life defines who you are. The actions to get something done is again done by you. The life which you wanna live is again created by you. Although there are 3 other teachers that I have mentioned just above, learning from them is all up to you. If you don’t want to learn anything then it’s your choice made by you. So, in life, being positive, hungry for knowledge and being self actualized (Which is a deep topic) should be your responsibility.

Alright, I hope I didn’t make anything confusing. So to end, I would like to suggest you all to have good teachers and friends in life. Every successful person has been taught by a great teacher. Your 50% life will be made by your friends, family and teachers and 50% by You. So, try to have control over them. Try to start improving your life.

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