Hey guys!!! We all know that for getting what we want, we need to do hardwork. Hardwork is one of the key elements of success. On the other hand, talent is an edge people are born with. We all, at a point, have thought that talented people are really successful. Even I used to think that but recently, I got to know something really amazing about talent and hardwork. So today, let’s learn something about talent and hardwork in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Talent is natural skill of a person. It’s a quality or a skill that someone is born with. A person with a talent has an ability to do something better than the normal person without any hardwork. It is also known as an ability to do something without even learning it.

On the other hand, hardwork is a simple word. Hardwork means to do something more than its required. Hardwork is not just done physically, it’s done mentally. Hardwork, for me, is to do something in minimum time by giving maximum possible outcome.

Alright, we all know the difference between them. Even if my definition is wrong, everyone of us know the definitions of talent and hardwork. Now, who do you think is more successful among them? Hard-working people or talented people? Who will give you the best output?

Well, the answer to this question is controversial. What I think is that a hardworking individual can give you best outcome possible. Let me tell you why.

People who are talented have an edge. They surely can do something better than a normal person but they mostly can’t do better than a hardworking person.

Talent is a gift. It is something that can help you do something better than others but only till a point. At a point, hardworking and talented people are same and sometimes, hardworking individual overtakes the talented individual because that individual knew how to push the limits.

People who are hardworking know how to manage time and get maximum possible outcome in minimum time. On the other hand, a person who is talented knows how to do something better but at the end, building that skill is all his choice.

Hardworking poeple start from zero so they know the value of results and how to generate more results, whereas a talented person get results easily because he didn’t start it from zero. He started it from the middle.

Let me tell you a thing “LEARNING IS REPETITION“. Every skill is born through repetition of the same thing millions of time. So, talented guys may be able to skip that million times of repetition but they still have to walk a journey to become something with that talent. Now, for that the talented guy must be hard worker which is very hard.

If someone is hardworking, he can do any thing repetitively and build a skill easily. Even if it would take more time to him, one day he will become better than the talented guy because the talented guy didn’t know how to work hard.

Now, the third composition of hard-working plus talented guy is very rare. There are very few who are born with talent and still do hardwork. Those people have great success ratio. Not everyone who is born with talent is hardworking so this is a rare thing.

In general, a hardworking individual can one day easily overtake a talented guy because doing hardwork is also a skill and it requires consistency to learn it.

Talent is not everything. Hardwork is everything. If you are hardworking, you will be ready to do something million times. You will one day build a skill because you worked really hard. Whereas, a talented guy will have to learn to work hard and then work hard on his talent in order to beat the hardworking guy. This composition is rare as people are basically lazy.

So, if you are not born with a talent, understand that a skill can be built with hardwork and one day, you WILL beat the talented guy if you know how to work hard. It is well said by someone, “Hardwork beats the talent when talent doesn’t work hard“.

To conclude:

1. Talent is a natural skill people are born with.
2. Hardwork is the ability to do something in minimum time by giving maximum possible outcome.
3. When it comes to giving best possible outcome, hardworking people can beat the talented people because talented people are not always hardworking.
4. Doing hardwork is a skill and it requires emotional labour to learn it.
5. People who are hardworking gets success because they give maximum possible outcome in minimum time.
6. People who are talented can’t give maximum possible outcome at a point because for that they need to be hardworking.
7. Learning is repetition of an activity.
8. Most important thing for success is your ability to do hardwork. Talent doesn’t work everywhere but hardwork does.

Alright, this is it. I hope you learnt something from it. I was really shocked when I learnt this concept as hardwork is the skill we all can learn whereas talent is natural. Like this post and comment anything you have. Subscribe to our newsletter. Remember, hardwork is everything. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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