Hey guys!!! Although there are a lot of things that Buddha has taught us through his teachings, Buddhist system of ethics can be summed up in the eightfold path. In pervious blog, I talked about the four Noble Truths and one of the truths talked about the Eightfold Path. So today, let’s learn what the eightfold path is. In our favorite, Expeknow style.

The Buddha has told people to follow a special way of life called the Noble Eightfold Path if they want to understand the Four Noble Truths and live a peaceful life. These are:

1. Know Four Noble Truths: In order to live a peaceful life you must firstly know and understand the four Noble Truths. Which In short tells us that suffering is an ingrained part of life. The origin of suffering is craving and sensuality. Suffering can be ended by stop being attached to our wants and start following the Noble Eightfold Path.

2. Give up: Give up all worldly things and don’t harm others. Of course you might not give up everything but for a peaceful life, you must not run after unnecessary things. You can live your life with just fundamental things too. Don’t leave everything but at least don’t run after unnecessary things. Like a new car, phone, TV etc. Try to make a balance.

3. Be honest: Tell the truth, don’t gossip unnecessary things, and don’t talk badly about others. Be a mirror of your feelings. Don’t hide them. The pain of hiding a truth is greater then the pain of telling the truth. Truth is like a water, sooner or later it will find its way to come out. So, why to hide it. Honesty is great.

4. Don’t be evil: Don’t commit evil acts, like killing, stealing, or living an unclean life. Be a king of your world. Live in abundance, the world has a lot for you. Don’t ever indulge in criminal activities.

5. Work good: Work for good and oppose evil. Do good, positive and true. Don’t let anyone come to you and say that you are doing bad. People will understand. Just work for good and oppose evil.

6. Do rewarding work: Do work that can give you long term rewards. Don’t play games, eat junk food, waste time, etc. Do something that is rewarding. Not only for present but for future.

7. Senses under control: Make sure your mind keeps your senses under control. Don’t let your senses control your mind. Once you let your mind control your senses, you will get rid of addictions and bad habits. Control is necessary. This will take time and is possible only with,

8. Meditation: Practice meditation as a way of understanding reality. Reality is hidden from us. In today’s world of media and Internet, reality is really presented to us in different form. I won’t go deep here because this is really a deep topic. You can still meditate to calm your mind, control your senses, know you limits, live and present and have a happy life.

This is the list Noble Eightfold path. I hope you got it. It may not be accurate because there is very little I got about them. But still they are understandable.

This is it for today. I hope you liked it. Subscribe to my newsletter. Share this post. I will meet you day after tomorrow with another blog. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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