Hey guys!!! I think that all of us have a really great power that, if used correctly, can do wonders for us. This is not a magical-theory-based-impossible-to-attain power but a power that we all have stopped using. This is the power that we can use to do anything, get anything, achieve anything and enjoy our life. So, what’s this power? Well, stick with me because today, we are going to learn about a power that we all have in our favorite, Expeknow style!

The power that I feel is absolutely awesome for a human being to have is the power to “Not care of what others think of you.

So, how’s it a power? Well, here are a couple of things I could come up with:

When you don’t care what others think of you,

1. You become free: You become free from people dictating your life. You become free from being embarrassed or living in a lie that opinions actually matter.

You become free from all those things that you once had to follow. You become able to freely do whatever you like to do without caring much about others opinion.

2. You could do anything: Imagine being free from people’s opinion completely. Now, just imagine what you can do.

You can:

– Talk to each and every guy girl you want. This directly means that you can approach every other girl you like and approaching 10 of those girls would surely give you the contacts of three of them. Girls like guys who hit on them directly and don’t get nervous aka confident guy.

This gives you direct control of your relationship status. So now, you can get into a relationship whenever you feel like. This comes with several other benefits.

Since you can now approach any girl or guy you want, you won’t be too sad when your partner leaves you. You can always date every 5th girl so you become independent in your relationship which is one of the best types of relationships (known as independent relationship.)

– Do almost anything. Like, asking for help from strangers, save your time by being direct to people, Do anything you feel like doing in a particular situation, expressing your emotions clearly in public place, stop being embarrassed.

You can also ask for discounts, help a person in a crowded place, perform random acts of kindness, show gratitude, etc.

So, by unlocking this power, you become able to perform all those actions that you once felt like doing but stopped doing because you were being watched by someone. (Remember any situation like that?)

3. You are not bounded now: You know, most of the time we do things because it is socially accepted or people around us do it but when we stop caring about others, we start caring about ourselves.

This results in making better decisions since now we are not pleasing or getting controlled by anyone, being aware of our own needs, being aware of our own self, being able to do and follow what we like, and living a life that we wish to live.

Being free from this hidden cell of society is really amazing. I haven’t felt it but you can always feel it when you just think about it.

4. Growth: You have a long life to live. In this long time, you will go through several incidents and let me tell you that most of the time you will come home and think that if only I had this courage to say this or do that, I would have done better there.

Living in stress is no one’s wish. So, why not eliminate this stress by taking a step today to grow and attain this power that we all have.

Somehow, we all were fearless in childhood but as we grew old, we lost control over this power and now, here you are reading this blog. You are reading it because you also have lost this power just like me.

So, let’s work today to make tomorrow better. Let’s grow. I don’t know how much time will it take but we will grow. From awkward to weird to strange to moron to cute to confident to the boss.

Now, let me also clarify that this is not a perfect image or personality I am trying to sell you.

It has its own flaws. For being realistic and mature, let’s quickly learn some downsides of becoming this person that we just imagined.

1. You become stupid: Although you become free from opinions, having this power makes you stupid in front of some people. You are not getting controlled by people so some accept it and some just start screwing you.

This is the reality. It’s not like you will be liked by everyone but you will be surely hated by someone.

People want to control you and when they can’t do it, they categories you as stupid.

So, be ready to deal with it.

2. You become a non-people-please: Up until now, you lived a life where you just wanted to please people and but when you live this power, you stop doing all the things that you did to please the people around you.

For more info on the symptoms of a people pleaser, check out this awesome blog.

3. You come to a dark place (Sometimes): You have been doing things to get in your friend group or get in the good list of your teachers or being the best sibling in your family or being best boy in school.

But, when you live this power, you leave some of those unnecessary things which can make you unpopular or take away your respect. You also lose friends and get kicked out of your friend’s group.

These are not the only dark sides. There are more than that and similarly, there are more positive things about having this power than I have mentioned.

So this blog makes this power,
Perfectly balanced as all things should be.
Also, do remember that,
With great power comes great responsibility.

Overall, we can say that this power is absolutely amazing to have. You can have this power and not use it instead of not having this power and not getting to use it.

You don’t know what power can save you so learning to not care about others, even with its flaws, is a great power.

So, let’s aim to learn it and save it for using this in some situations.

To conclude:

1. The power that makes us all amazing is to not care what others think.
2. You become free when you stop caring about others.
3. You could do almost anything you wanted to do after having this power.
4. You become boundless which makes you internally free from societal norms.
5. It makes you grow in every area of your life.
6. This power comes with some downsides like,
7. You become stupid.
8. You become a non-people-pleaser, and
9. You come to a dark place.

This is it. I hope you liked this blog. Make sure to like this blog if you liked it. I will see you in the next blog. I will also upload a comprehensive blog course on attaining this power by researching as I also want to attain this power. So, make sure you subscribe and stay tuned. This is atul and you are at Expeknow!

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