Hey guys!!! Confidence is something that we all want. We all have that one friend who is really confident and smooth with girls. Who is really confident while talking to strangers and who is really confident in whatever decisions he/she takes. We all want to be like that, right? So, what’s it that makes us confident? What’s the core thing of being confident? Today, let’s learn about it in our favorite, Expeknow style.

Confidence is a belief or feeling that you can do something well or succeed at something. The feeling that you can do something well, right? That feeling is certainty. And how does certainty come? Well, it comes from “Experience“. Yes, experience is the only thing that makes you confident with your actions.

How would you feel if I tell you to do one thing that you haven’t done before in your life. It can be swimming, dancing,climbing, singing, etc. Would you feel confident in doing any of these things for the first time? Hell no! No way in hell you are gonna be confident. Now, how about doing one thing that you can do perfectly. It could be cooking, dancing, singing, joking, etc. Won’t you feel confident? You certainly will because this is the thing that you have been doing from a long time.

Confidence comes with experience and experience comes with repetition. You can be confident with anything just by repeating it. Is it approaching girls? Is it being comfortable with coworkers? Is it dating? It can be anything. You just have to identify the fields where you are lacking confidence. Have a list of both the fields in life where you are confident and where you are not.

Think about how you can change that. There are plenty of videos or blogs available online for building confidence in any field. Use them. Take actions, learn, try, repeat and have as much experience as possible. It may not be easy but think of the reward. You will live the life to the fullest once you get sense of confidence in every field of your life.

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