Hey guys!!! We all have faced some really bad situations which we can’t forget. Call them your worst nightmare or just a bad situation, there is one thing for sure that they do have their impact on our Now. And most of those situations just help us making our Now bad. So today, let’s learn the philosophy of Change and Accept in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Before telling you about the philosophy, let me tell you that life is Now. It’s not in what happened in past or what will happen in future, it’s what is happening Now. Your past mistakes, behaviours, experiences and situations are gone. You are Now. You should not fill your Now with your past which doesn’t even exist now.

Let me tell you a simple thing, what “is” simply “is“. What has happened can’t be changedA simple way to deal with problems.. You can’t reverse or cause an event to undo itself. Once the egg has been crushed, it cannot be put back together. All you can do is to like it or dislike it and react on it. An event cannot be changed. what you can change is your feeling about what happened.

Suppose you failed badly in an exam. You are feeling really bad and you don’t know what to do. Now, whether you feel bad or good about this incident, you can’t change what has happened. What you can do is to either accept this or change this.

Any time in your life, you can either change or accept something as it is. There is no middle way. You have failed your exam which you can change by giving another exam with proper preparation or you can accept this situation and find how you failed so that you don’t do similar mistakes in future. Either ways, you will improve yourself.

Do you hate your looks? Do you hate your school? Do you hate what has happened with you in past? Do you hate the way you behave? Do you hate your friends? Do you hate your financial situation? Do you hate laziness? Do you hate your society? There is only one answer to all these questions. Change it or accept it.

You may have faced the worst situation of your life but now you can’t undo it. What you can do is to change your feeling towards it. This means accepting it as it is. Neither good nor bad just as it is. This reminds me of a quote I read in a class which forced me to write this blog, “If you can’t change something, accept it. If you can’t accept something, change it.”

Like I have said in my previous blog on “A simple way to deal with problems.” You can either get over something or do something that can change the complete situation. This is similar to the philosophy we are talking about now.

From any bad situation, you can always learn something good. Think of anything that has happened to you. Examine it carefully and you will find that it has either taught you something or given you opportunity to learn something. This is true for every situation.

No matter how bad or good something is, you can always learn something from it. What is your worst situation you have ever faced? Is it the death of someone you loved a lot? Is it the humiliation in a public place? Is it a break-up after years of relationship? Is it the failure of your years of hardwork? Let me tell you what you can learn from each of them.

From the death of your loved ones, you can learn to survive in this world without someone. You can learn to be alone and embrace aloneness. From humiliation in public place, you can learn to handle public humiliation scenarios and learn to identify people who humiliated you. From break-up after years of relationship, you can learn to deal with break-up feeling, you can improve yourself, you can find someone new and similarly, from the failure of your years of hardwork, you can learn why you failed, what you missed, what you have to improve and what you have already achieved.

You can always learn something from your past. You just have to change your perspective. What has happened with you should not make you feel bad. Learn to find something good in everything bad. This is how people live a positive life. Life isn’t positive neither it is negative. The way you see your life is what makes it positive or negative.

Now is empty. You can either fill you Now with your past or you can fill your Now with beautiful thoughts about life. To live a positive life, start following this philosophy. Either accept or change. Do this with all your problems and you will soon have a positive life.

So, at the end I just want to say that everything that has happened to you can’t be changed. You can only change the way you feel about them. Choose to accept things if you can’t change them. Learn from them whatever you can learn. Live a positive life and find positivity everywhere because negativity doesn’t make you positive.

To conclude:
1. Life is Now. It’s neither in past nor in present.
2. What has happened can’t be changed. What you can change is your reaction towards it.
3. If you can’t change something, accept it. If you can’t accept something, change it.
4. Anything that bothers you now can either be changed or accepted as it is.
5. You can either get over something (Which is to accept it) or change the complete situation (which is to change it).
6. Either a situation teaches you something or it gives you an opportunity to learn something.
7. You can always learn something useful from your past. You just have to change your perspective for that.
8. Learn to find something good in everything bad that has happened to you.
9. Don’t fill your Now with the thoughts of past, fill it with greatness of now.

Alright, this is it. I hope you liked it and learnt something from it. Like this post if you want. Comment anything you have and share it with someone. Subscribe to our newsletter for more of such content right into your inbox. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow!

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