Hey guys!!! What do you think about meditation? Is it hard? Is it something that is not possible? To be honest, I thought the same thing before trying meditation but after trying it, I got that it works. I started doing meditation with the simplest trick possible and maybe this is the reason why I am still doing it. So today, let’s learn the simplest meditation technique in our favorite, Expeknow style!

The simplest meditation technique is known as “The Do Nothing Technique“. This is not only the simplest technique but the extremely effective technique too. The most entertaining part is that it’s enjoyable. So without making you bored let’s get right into it.

Get a chair, sit on it comfortably and set a timer of 10, 20 or 30 minutes (I would suggest you 10 minutes). Sit with eyes opened and center yourself. Be in present and observe your breath and be conscious about your thoughts. Just have your eyes seeing something. Don’t move them. Let go all of the control. Don’t control any thought, body part, mind or thinking.

Let the sight, sound, thought, feeling, memory, itches, pains and memories come up. Accept all and don’t stop any of them. Don’t change any of these. It’s like complete acceptance of present moment. Let your mind do what it wants. Feeling like anger, anxiety, boredom, pain and frustration will definitely come. Don’t think they won’t come. Just let go of the urge to control any thought.

Sit motionless and eyes wide awake. Keep your spine straight. Don’t try to control any part of your body. Accept both money mind and calmness. Let your mind do imagination but don’t try to answer those imaginations. This will be hard as we do this automatically but by time, you will master it. Just focus on your breath. Just observe and feel the breath. Nothing else.

For the first time, this is not going to be easy, in fact you will see at timer multiple times, try to move your body, try to see here and there or just do imagination but you don’t have to do them. You have to do nothing. It’s simple. It is effortless, can’t be done wrong, enjoyable and relaxing. Instead of trying to control your mind while meditating (which is quite impossible) try to say “let go” whenever you have a thought about anything. Let the thoughts go. Don’t control them.

The reason behind the effectiveness of this technique is that, we all have a money mind. A mind that you interact with everyday. Your monkey mind doesn’t stop thinking. Try to stop thinking and you will get more thoughts. When you do this meditation, you let go your mind. You don’t control it. You don’t interact with it. Your mind will still give you thoughts but when you will do this everyday, it is gonna stop one day. Your mind will become thoughtless and calm. This state is hard to get but not impossible. When you will master this technique, your mind will become calm and it won’t be a monkey anymore.

I will make another blog for “The Thoughtless Mind” so don’t worry if you didn’t get anything. Just stay tuned.

Some tips before you leave.

1. Do it everyday. No matter how hard or busy the day is, do it everyday. Meditation habit needs to be build so do it constantly.

2. Accept the present moment. Don’t resist it.

3. Let your breath be deep and natural. Don’t control it. Natural breathing is good.

4. Results are not gonna appear in 2 or 3 days, it’s gonna take weeks. So, have faith. You may not be able to get a calm mind for a week or two but don’t judge yourself too soon. Even I haven’t got that state but I still am getting results.

5. Don’t feel guilty for sitting on chair for half an hour doing nothing. You are doing the best thing. You are meditating. It’s worth it.

Lastly, I would suggest you to do a 30 day challenge and see your progress. Make a commitment to do it everyday from now. Don’t miss any day. No excuses. Plan your day before so that you can do meditation.

I hope you got my point. Like this post. Subscribe to my newsletter for me. Do meditation. Do nothing. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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