Hey! We all have heard about sample papers, supplementary books, writer’s book, extra questions book, hard questions book, earth-shattering questions’ book, etc. Personally, I don’t like them and up until now, I didn’t even know the reason behind this but yesterday while counting the pages of a particular chapter on microeconomics I encountered something terrible. To find it out, let’s continue reading in our favorite, Expeknow style!

I saw a chapter being explained in 13 pages. Pretty short. Then I counted the number of pages where the questions related to this particular chapter were written. What I saw gave me the reason why I don’t like these things.

I saw that there are nearly 40 pages of question-answers of one single chapter. I never saw that. And FYI, each page contains 10 questions. So, 10×40=400 😵

This might sound nice to some and nightmare to some.

This is why I draw a line between what I want to study and what I want to ignore.

Let me tell you when you should really purchase these so-called “preparation books” because I think that it is important for us to draw a line between sufficient and over sufficient.

When should you purchase?

A. When you are really serious about a field and want to learn A to Z about it.
B. When you are preparing for a big competition.
C. When you don’t have other things to do in your life.
D. When you can’t study from normal books.

When you shouldn’t purchase?

A. When you aren’t preparing for any competition.
B. When marks don’t really matter to you.
C. When you study only because you have to but your interest is somewhere else.😏
D. When you have other things to do in your life.
E. When you can study from whatever book or resources you have.

So, what are “other things”?

Well, these are all those things which you want to do except studies. Call it photography, editing, YouTube, blogging, and skill-building, sports, learning to socialize, learning to master relationships, painting, exercising, dancing, singing, fighting, eating, sleeping, watching Tv, etc.

Career is just one aspect of life. You can’t just be great in every area of your life by just being great at one thing.

If you want to be great at something, go finish all other books but don’t purchase them just because someone else is buying it.

I hate these books because they have way too many questions and I have to write blogs, work on Instagram, go make girlfriends, do some exercise, learn some perspectives on life, etc. I simply won’t get time if I keep solving each question I get.

I take studies lightly. Unless or until it’s for competitive exams.


Because I think that the future is changing. The job you could get earlier is now done by computer software powered by AI.

I feel that our world is changing but our education system has remained a little same. So, we all have to take our responsibility.

At the end of the day, no one is gonna do something for you.

You have to learn various skills in order to succeed in the future.

Do study but give time to your skills too. If you don’t have skills. Commit yourself to find a skill that you like and give your time to this commitment.

Anybody who has ever succeeded (as far as I know) gave his/her time to the things they liked besides other things.

The point of these so-called “Supplementary books” is to just keep you busy the whole semester. After all, it’s just a business modal.

So, choose your battles carefully. You don’t have a single second above 24 hours.

Enjoy, do parties, make girlfriends, hang out with friends, exercise, play games but do know when to stop them.

You gotta be greater than someone in something.

Lastly, sometimes it is necessary to buy those books and solve them. You may be able to solve those books and also work on your goals. So, don’t hate if this blog doesn’t go right as I only share ideas.

I follow this so I share it. If you can solve all those books and enjoy life then go for it but I am assuming that most people can’t (just like me) and this might help them.

Also, you can buy these books for conceptual clarity as they are very good for that but again don’t go into solving each question. If you really want to learn concepts, you would solve questions without actually solving them:)

So, what did we learn today:

1. Never buy some “Question bank” books just because someone else buys it.
2. Learn to draw a line between what’s sufficient and what’s over sufficient.
3. Work on something other than academics because the world is changing every day.
4. This blog is complicated to summarize.

Alright, this is it. I hope you liked it. Make sure to comment on anything you have. Subscribe to my newsletter for more of such content. Learning is earning. This is atul and you are at Expeknow.

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