Hey there! So, after writing a blog on “Are rules meant to be broken” I thought to write this blog so that I can make it easier for you to choose whether you should break a rule or not. So today, let’s learn the three types of rules (or habits, as this applies on both) in expe-know style.

A rule is mostly considered as neutral. As I’ve said, a rule is something that builds your character. A rule is not just something that gives you limitations. After observing the rules of different areas, I got to know that we can categorize them into three different areas.

The first type: Positive

Most of the rules are positive. They stop you from doing something negative. Let’s say, there is a rule that you should not smoke cigarettes in some specific place. What do you think is that rule for? Just for making places smoke free? No. It has many more positive impacts such as surrounding would be clean, children could breath fresh air, it benefits smoker’s health and so on. So, this is a very good example of a positive rule. There are many more examples like this such as, not breaking the red light, making positive and ambitious friends, designing your dream life, studying something new daily‌, not breaking someone’s trust, etc. All the rules have more than 1 positive impacts on one’s life.

The second type: Negative

Everything has its opposite. As we have positive rules, we have some negative ones also. Negative rules are ones, that impacts negatively on us (yeah, I know that you guessed it by the name) Here are some examples of those: Let’s say, there is a rule in your life that whenever you go out with your friends, you will eat some fast food (This is my negative rule). Now, it may give you instant pleasure while eating that but after doing this for a long time, what do you think will happen to your body? Your immune system will become weak, you will be diseased often, You metabolism won’t work correctly, you can even have a cancer with this rule. So, this rule may have provided you instant pleasure but if we see the bigger picture, we will get that this rule is a combo pack of diseases and negative side effects. More of these could be: Using Facebook more than 2 hours, studying less than one hour and so on.

The third type: Neutral

Neutral rules are a lot. They don’t cause anything. Neutral rules can be like listening to songs while exercising, not using phone when you don’t study enough, not getting food when you do something wrong and so on, always using gel pens (My teacher told me to use gel pen whenever I write something), Not having a stylish haircut, etc. These rules are not purely neutral. They do contain some negative and some positive aspects but overall they don’t cause us much. Like honestly, if someone won’t give me my phone for a day for just doing something bad, it won’t cause me much as I would get other stuffs to do.

So these are the three types of rules. I hope you liked it. if you have any suggestions or question so comment it down. make sure to follow us for more of small stuffs. Live a happy life. This is Atul Kumar and you are at Expeknow.

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