Hey guys!!! Today, I want to shift your focus from “how good this time is” to “how weird this time is.” For this, we will go through some real-life examples and understand the actual meaning of the things we do every day. So without any delay, let’s get into it in our favorite, Expeknow style!

For understanding how weird our decisions are, let’s see a couple of decisions we make throughout our day.

1. Wasting time for wasting time: Whenever we get some free time, most of us prefer to watch some shows. Now, the problem arises when we try to find the best shows to watch. For finding the names of best shows, we go through a bunch of videos on YouTube, a couple of blogs on Google, some WhatsApp group discussions and finally, we come to a point where we get the names of best movies to watch.

I mean, why do we waste our time to finding the best waste of time? This also happens when we find the best TV shows to watch, the best cartoons to watch, the best anime to watch, etc.

When it comes to entertainment, we want the best version of it. That’s the reason why we have a tendency to watch best songs, best movies, best TV shows, best cartoons, and what not.

Even if you don’t do such things, I am pretty sure you would have wasted your time for wasting time at a point in life. I do it. While finding for best topics to gossip about, best movies to talk about, you are wasting your time.

This is a kind of a connected waste of time. You waste your time now, for wasting your time in the future. You would have done it somewhere in your life. Identify where exactly you did it.

2. Buying your own death. Yeah, this may sound ridiculous but it is true. Whenever we have a small amount of money, we usually spend it on buying some junk foods that only makes us lethargic, decrease essential vitamins in our body, makes us less productive, sleepy and what not.

We somehow buy our own death by our very own money. We can use the same amount of money to eat some fruits or buy some healthy vegetables but what we do is to spend our money on our pleasure.

Self-control is necessary for controlling such behaviors. We shouldn’t be unconscious while spending our money. Junk foods are no good. We should be able to control our impulses and select what to eat.

3. Not doing the necessary. Yeah, we are also not doing anything productive for our self-betterment. We are living in a world where some people are earning more than a doctor or Engineer by just some social media apps.

This makes us doubt our education and inspires us to use these social media apps to earn money or fame. And that makes us focus less on our life and more on our likes.

Think of it that way, even if you become one of the trending stars, what would happen at the end? Would you be trending always? No. People come and go. No one can be trending forever. One day you will lose all your fame and then all your hard work will be gone.

So this is it. Now, how to fix all these. It’s simple, just observe. When you observe everything you are doing, you become conscious of your actions. When you are conscious of your actions, you gain control over them.

I always observe whatever I do. And just because of this, I often get to see what I am actually doing. I won’t say that observation will surely help, I am saying that observation will at least tell you whatever it is that you are doing.

That being said, let’s wrap up this blog. I know that it’s still not organized well but I am trying to write things as they come in my mind. They may be old or false but I believe that they are true. Subscribe to our newsletter, it’s free. I will see you later. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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