Hey guys!!! We all work for getting paid, showing our telant, proving something to someone, for society, for people who need us, etc. But, there are not a lot of people who give real quality work. Even if people work for getting paid, most of them aren’t giving their 100%. So, what’s it that motivates someone to give their 100%? To give all they have? To bleed for the work they are doing? How do these people manage to give their whole time to their work even with small amount of money? Today, let’s find the reason behind it in our beautiful, Expeknow style!

Work is effort directed to produce or accomplish something. We all do work for different reasons. Some do it for money, some for fame, some for appreciation and some for admiration. The question is, what is it that motivates someone to give their 100% in work? Why do some people do high quality work for even small amount of money? The simple answer is, because “They love the work.

People who love doing what they do, put their 100% into their work. It’s like a form of pleasure to them. They love it, so everytime they do it, they feel pleasure doing it so they keep doing the work even if it’s not giving them anything. It’s like their passion. They do their passion. They do the work not for money, but for internal satisfaction. See anyone who is giving high quality content in free or in very low amount of money then others. You will notice that they all love their work. They don’t do to for money, they just do it.

Let me ask you a question. Suppose you have got 100 million dollars in your bank account. You bought new house, car, clothes, insurance, upgrades and everything you ever wanted but you still have a lot of money. Now, what will you do with your life? What would be thing that you would be doing for no money because you have it. Think about it. This is the thing or say work that you love. A work that you do, not for money but for satisfaction.

Once you start to not do something just for the sake of money, you will start putting your 100%. Start to find that one thing. All of those people who give high quality content, do what they love. Find it and live it. No one can give you a quick tip or trick to find it. It takes years to find your purpose. When you have a purpose or a big picture of your life, you start to give your time to it. You don’t expect money but satisfaction.

Your work should give you opportunity to express yourself. Your work is your mirror. You express yourself through your work. Find some work that you love doing and do it. Not for money. Money is not the only thing you should be running after. Think about the question. What would you do after getting so much money? How will your life be like? Where would you be putting your all time? What would you be creating? This is a really important thing to imagine.

Trick your mind into thinking that it’s real and find the work. For me, it’s like writing these blogs, relationship counselling and personality development. These are the things, I do not do them for money but for satisfaction and contentment. Even though I have this list, I am still finding something new to work on. Find yours. Start finding it today. Ask this question right NOW. Leave the blog. Leave your computer, phone or laptop and ask this question. Keep asking it. Your mind will firstly trick yourself by giving you suggestions like partying, clubs, beer, fun etc. Keep asking it and repeating until your mind shows you the true work you should be doing.

Also, even if you get the answer, don’t stop asking the question. Be flexible and adaptable. Adapt things and try to find it every single day. If I tell you to do marketing your whole life. Would you do that? What would happen if a software comes which can do 100 times better then you for very little price? So, be flexible. Don’t just stick on only one thing. Keep updating your vision and your ultimate goal. Develope a skill that you have. A thing that no one can do better then you. You will start loving that work and putting your 100% in it for even small amount of money.

Alright, this is it. I hope you liked the blog. Share it with your friends. Drop a like. Subscribe to my newsletter, it really brings smile on my face. Ask the question and give 100% in your work. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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