Hey guys!!! We all have friends. Some of them are crazy and some are sensitive, some are helpers and some are disturbers, some are with us and some are with our girlfriends. It doesn’t matter who they are but they always create an impact on our lives. Without friends, a person is like a rose without fragrance. We all have hundreds of friends to count but there are only few who stays with us like a shield. So today, let’s learn about the types of friends in our favorite Expeknow style.

So, I have divided them into three parts.

Part 1:

TOYS – In this category, friends who are like toys for us should come. Like, friends who have a good sense of humor and make you laugh every time. They don’t listen to you when you want them to, instead, they just make your problems a joke. We all have friends who give us free entertainment. These friends are just ready to crack a joke at any given time. So, it is clear that TOYS are not your best friends and you should not even give them priority in your life. They may give you entertainment but it’s not everything.

If you want to make people happy,
Sell ice cream.
leaders don’t make everybody happy.”

Part 2:

TOOLS – Tools are friends who are being used by you. Tools are friends who have something that you like and you go to them for use of that thing. You only remember them when you need them. Like, having a friend who gets very good grades so that you can take notes from him. They are like tools to us. We use them and throw. Also, keep in mind that not everyone is a tool. There are people who help you as a tool, toy, and friend. By tools, I mean those who are being used by us or who use us and forget our existence.

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Part 3:

BEST FRIENDS – Now, friends who help you as a tool, play with you like a toy and be with you always as a friend are known as BEST FRIENDS. They never use you, never say anything behind your back, never make fun of you and always support you whether it’s about financial support of emotional support. They show all the characteristics that’s why it’s hard to find a best friend. On an average, a single person has only 1-2 best friends.

To conclude:

1. We all have friends but very few of us have best friends.
2. There are three types of friends: Toys, Tools, and Best friends.
3. To understand things at a better level, we must organize them into groups.

So, I hope you got these categories. They may not be 100% accurate but looking at things in an organized manner helps us understand them on a better level. So, go ahead and see how many best friends you have and let me know that in the comment section. If you liked it then make sure to subscribe us because I release blogs just like this every week. Identify your friends. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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